Arlo slashes the cost of smart home security with up to 50% off its Pro 3 camera for Black Friday

The Arlo Pro 3 camera is a snap to secure your smart home. Connected to your Wi-Fi, it can record your comings and goings in crystal clear 2K, 24/7. A built-in spotlight illuminates intruders, while connected alerts let you know what’s going on around your goof as it happens. And now the smart camera is even more affordable, thanks to a Black Friday deal from Arlo.

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Wireless and easy to install yourself, the Arlo Pro 3’s magnetic mount lets you easily reposition its watchful eye to ensure its 160-degree field of view covers exactly what you need. Train your eyes on the Arlo site yourself before November 29, and you won’t need the Pro 3’s subject recognition tips to know what you’re looking at – a really good deal.

Arlo Pro 3 cameras need an Arlo SmartHub to communicate with your wireless network. Luckily, Arlo’s best Black Friday deals in a bundle of cameras, plus the base station – so you’ll be ready to protect your home. Practically, the SmartHub can also be configured to store video clips locally, in case you don’t feel like spending more on Arlo’s cloud storage plans (you get three months free).

The most affordable package includes a pair of Pro 3 units, plus that all-important SmartHub. That film crew would typically set you back £ 550, but Arlo cut costs by almost 50%. Until November 29, you can pack the dual camera kit for £ 280. Which is a real godsend.

Want to add an extra camera for full coverage? The kit three cameras (which also includes Arlo’s SmartHub) now costs just £ 380, a saving of £ 370 from the normal list price. And those who want total security will find the biggest savings: go for the pack of four cameras and you will only pay half of the regular ticket price. So instead of £ 900 for four Arlo Pro 3 security cameras and a SmartHub, the Black Friday package will only cost you £ 450. You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but £ 450 is probably less than you expected.

Already equipped with a SmartHub and an existing camera configuration? You can also purchase the Arlo Pro 3 as a standalone addition to your security system. Normally priced at £ 280 per camera, the Black Friday deal brings the cost of a unit down to a much more affordable price. £ 150 – a saving of 45%.

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