Interior design organizer arranges 400-booth fair in no time


PENGUIN shaped water filters. Cabinets to steam your shirts and disinfect them at the same time. Face masks with built-in microphones so people can hear you speak.

These are some of the innovative items that can be found at the Homedec exhibit at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center through October 31st.

The organizers created a cozy atmosphere in the halls by dimming the lights on the bedding and upholstery. A visitor to a designer chair stand said that it had quite the desired effect as the atmosphere made the exposed velvet recliner very attractive.

The exhibition presenting the products of some 130 exhibitors in more than 400 stands was nonetheless a proof of tenacity on the part of the organizing team who had only 10 days to plan the whole event, compared to the usual six months during the control before the movement. days of order.

Nica Leong, Senior Director of Business Development at Homedec, CIS Network organizer, said this was in large part due to the loyalty and sincerity of the exhibitors who had supported the event since its inception in 2003.

“As the government gave the green light to reopen the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) industry on October 18, our sales team was quick to call exhibitors who, despite the MCO and the short time available, were able to bring quality and innovative products to the exhibition.

She said the whole process went smoothly thanks to the good teamwork between the organizing team, its suppliers, subcontractors and the venue supplier.

“The event having a strong brand position in the market also helped put the show on the road. Over the years, in-depth market analysis for the latest updates on market behavior and buying habits has helped us bond with our exhibitors, ”she added.

At this month’s Home Show, the strongest profiles are in home appliances and bedding solutions.

The Homedec exhibition at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center has a major participant in the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) who brought in 19 companies to occupy 60 booths.

The event also found a major participant in the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB), which brought together 19 companies to occupy 60 booths. “This year, we are working closely with MTIB to promote local wood products, to encourage Malaysian homeowners to consider using local wood products,” Leong said.

Regarding the behavior of buyers, she observed that attendance at events had been encouraging as the nationwide vaccination rate of over 90% had been achieved.

“Although operating capacity is now halved due to physical distancing requirements, spending patterns show people are ready to meet their household needs after such a long lockdown.

“We have noticed that visitors arrive with shopping lists in hand. It shows that they are coming to buy.

“The fact that people are also required to register online beforehand has helped identify those who intend to buy,” she noted. Describing the deadline of less than two weeks as the tightest he has had to meet in his 18-year career, SIC Datuk President Vincent Lim said he was happy to see the MICE industry get back on track. rails.

“After going through this difficult time, we hope to move forward and operate smoothly by next year,” he said.

He got the idea to put on an exhibit that would meet all home improvement needs under one roof after experiencing firsthand the hassle of having to search high and low for the items he wanted while renovating. his own house.

“The main attraction for Homedec is the special offers offered during the exhibition period. Visitors won’t get the same deal in the retail store, ”he said.

“Through years of experience, the home show has managed to select the best exhibitors because we have made the effort to find out what the owners want.

“For example, based on research, we divided the zoning for appliances, kitchens and gardens,” Lim added.

Homedec is currently exhibiting in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. There are plans to expand the event to Sabah next year, but this will be subject to future SOPs set by the National Security Council.

Visitors are invited to register via before going on site, in order to ensure better management of the crowds on site.

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