Solar Company Green Home Systems Announces Partnership with SPAN to Provide Homeowners with Smart Electrical Panels

California-based solar company Green Home Systems has officially announced a partnership with SPAN to provide smart electrical panels to its customers.

LOS ANGELES, November 18, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – CaliforniaSolar company Green Home Systems has officially announced a partnership with SPAN to offer its customers smart electrical panels.

SPAN electrical panels are the next step in converting to a totally smart and green home. .

The SPAN smart electrical panel allows homeowners to control and monitor every aspect of their green home system, from solar panels to electric cars to stored energy and more.

Presentation of the SPAN panel:

The SPAN panel looks like a typical electrical panel while maintaining a minimalist and visually pleasing aesthetic that is built to last on the outside and designed to blend in with the inside. All circuits in the house will be wired to the panel with a capacity of 32 unique circuits. If a house requires more than 32 circuits to connect, more panels can be added to monitor the whole house.

Why is the SPAN panel better than other electrical panels?

The SPAN panel is essentially a smarter, more flexible, and efficient version of other electrical panels.

There are a few specific things about the SPAN panel that make it exceptionally better than the rest. The first being that it offers a much simpler way to monitor the energy and scans of your entire home. There’s even an app that clearly lists everything you need to know about your home’s storage and usage for each circuit, and you can control the panel even when you’re away to make sure you’re optimizing your home at all times. .

Another advantage of the SPAN panel is battery optimization. According to Span’s website, “Providing reliable power, especially during blackouts, is essential. At SPAN, we intentionally evaluate every backup system we integrate with. This includes extensive performance testing and establishing direct communications between SPAN and the storage system to enable backup prioritization, system monitoring, and predictive algorithms. This means that to deliver the absolute best backup experience, we only take not support installation with non-integrated battery backup systems or backup generators where this essential functionality is missing. proven domestic battery systems covering 80% of the market … “

But how does the SPAN panel help solar panels?

“The SPAN smart panel is actually ideal for any home with a solar panel system,” says GHS Managing Director, Robbie hebert. “The SPAN panel has technology that will manage the solar energy your home uses to ensure the most efficient use of your panels producing the most electricity for your home with the least amount of sunlight.”

GHS is proud to partner with SPAN to bring the best possible solar power system to customers across the country. With SPAN, we are taking another step towards a greener world.

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