3G shutdown could impact your home security system

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – We’re on your side with a warning about your home security system.

Starting next week, if your system is running 3G, your security system will work, but it won’t transmit your emergency to your monitoring system.

For example, your burglar or fire alarm may go off, but the police or fire department will not be notified to intervene.

Indeed, telecommunications companies are shutting down old 3G networks as they launch the all-new 5G mobile service.

JD Broadwater, vice president of sales at Chorus SmartSecure, LLC, said if you’re not sure your system works on 3G, it’s best to call your provider to verify.

“Make sure you test your system. Whether it’s 3G, 4G or something like that, communication outages can happen,” Broadwater said. “Make sure you know how to test your system. Call your supplier, ask them to test your system. Ask them to walk you through how to test it and make sure it communicates with the monitoring system. The last thing you want is for an emergency to happen and no one to come and save you.

AT&T is expected to be the first to shut down its 3G network starting February 22.

T-Mobile will shut down its 3G network by summer and Verizon in December.


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