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MIAMI, February 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Protecting your home from intruders is no easy task.

You can spend hours researching the right locks and hardware for your front door, back door, and even your garage. However, a burglar won’t be standing outside your door trying to pick a lock if there’s an open window right next to it.

Windows are another doorway a burglar can use to get into your home.

Securing your windows is just as important as your doors. Here is a guide to the types of window locks you can consider for your home security.

Lock and key:

Having a lock and key on your window can make them harder to get through than doors. Indeed, most window locks do not give you access from the outside. Without a lock to pick, an intruder will be forced to find another means of entry.

Although you can find key locks attached directly to windows, you will most often find them paired with another variation of lock. For example, the folding latch lock is a common combination you would see on casement windows.

Smart Technology:

Smart locks are a new and innovative way in home security.

With a smart lock on your window, you’ll need a smart panel or app on your phone to open your windows, as well as a code you set. While it comes with its own set of challenges, like how to open a window during a power outage, this secure system has many benefits for your home security.

A smart window lock can do more than unlock and lock your windows. It can be connected to other security features in your home, send you a message when a window has been opened, trigger an alarm, record CCTV and even call the police.

Window Pins:

A window pin lock is not a very secure option. However, it has its uses.

Window pins work the same way as door chains. They allow the window to open, but only so far. One part connects to the glass and the other part connects to the sash, the cable or chain between them prevents the window from opening very far. The opening distance will depend on the length of chain or wire you use.

While this is a great option for letting air into the home, with the right tools an intruder can use this gap to cut chain or cable, rendering it ineffective for security. Therefore, it is recommended to pair a window pin with another type of lock, such as a latch.

Folding latches (with and without keys):

A good folding latch on a window is where you can pull the two sashes together and fold down the latch. This then keeps the window firmly closed.

Many types of folding latches have the added benefit of a key lock, allowing you to lock the latch from the inside to prevent it from opening. This is a secure option when it comes to window latches, although other latch options are available.

Latches like the swing latch simply close together holding a window closed. The strength of these types of latches can vary wildly, from brand to how well they are secured.

A note on the glass:

A burglar is not afraid of a little noise. Don’t think they won’t throw a stone through the glass if it lets them in.

But won’t someone hear it?

More than likely. But human nature dictates that if someone hears a loud noise, they stop and listen. Nine times out of ten, they won’t do anything unless they hear that noise again. An experienced intruder will only need to make the noise once to enter a house.

Consider stronger panes or impact windows to discourage this type of forced entry.

Other ways to improve security around your windows:

A burglar will target the window above your sink, in your bathroom, or on the second floor. These are the windows most often left a little open. Remember that if left a little open, they are open enough for an experienced intruder to enter.

However, there are plenty of ways to deter intruders before they even reach your window locks.

Windows bars slow down intruders. Anything that slows them down is bad news for them, so they’re more likely to avoid it. Thorny bushes under windows are an economical way to slow them down.

CCTV and floodlights make the perfect mix. With a high chance of being caught on camera in good light, an intruder will think twice.

If you need to upgrade the locks or security around your windows, contact a security company such as Fast Locksmith Miami for professional advice.

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