Airbnb announces new work-from-home design; work from different countries even! 5 critical points

Airbnb has announced its new work-from-home policy allowing its employees to work from anywhere – from home, the office or another country.

Airbnb has made a big announcement regarding its work-from-home policy. The company decided that it would allow its employees to work even from a different country, a step consolidating the culture of “working from anywhere”. Under this policy, employees can live and work in over 170 countries for up to 90 days a year at each location, although it was also pointed out that employees would need a permanent address for tax purposes. and pay. In an email to employees, CEO Brian Chesky outlined five key features of the new work-from-anywhere layout. Check them out below.

Work from home or office

The company will offer employees the flexibility to work in their own way based on where they feel most productive. The majority of employees will have this flexibility. Only a few people will need to be present in the office or at a specific location to carry out their responsibilities.

Travel anywhere in the country

Employees can move from place to place, whether they’re relocating close to family or living in a place they’ve long dreamed of. Regardless of location, the compensation will not change. From June, the company will have unique pay tiers per country for salary and equity. If the company has set payment using a lower location-based compensation tier, an increase will be released in June.

Travel and work around the world

Airbnb employees can live and work in 170 countries for 90 days, in each location, for one year starting in September. Although individual employees will have to obtain work permits themselves. The company said it is “actively partnering with local governments” to streamline the process and make travel easier. An important note is that permanent international moves will not be available this year.

Regular team meetings, off-site and social events

Airbnb will prioritize meaningful in-person gatherings throughout the year. However, as the pandemic is still ongoing, there will be limited off-site events this year. The number of such events will increase next year.

Work in a highly coordinated manner

The emphasis is that employees will need to coordinate and formulate their plans to achieve this level of flexibility. The CEO added that things would become a “free-for-all without it”.

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