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An article dealing with the subject of “smart locks” titled “What You Need to Know About Smart Locks for Home Security” has now been published and published by Sphere Audio Video, an authority website in the builder niche and high-income homeowners. The article highlights some fascinating information, especially for people who want to upgrade their home security system. High-income homeowners and anyone else interested in smart locks can read the full article at

Because smart locks are versatile, one of the most interesting or relevant information for high-income homeowners that is included in the article is how smart locks can come in many different types and can be activated by an app, card key, voice command or fingerprint reader.

Sphere Audio Video wrote this article to bring attention to the topic of smart locks and their enhancement to home security. They think they may have done better in the following excerpt:

“But when it comes to comparing electrical and mechanical systems, is a smart lock more secure than a key lock?

The answer is yes. Picking is as old as traditional locks. For this reason, most smart locks these days are harder to pick than mechanical locks, which anyone with YouTube can learn to open without a key. Plus, in case you need to let someone in while you’re not home, remote door unlocking is a safer option than leaving a key under the front doormat.

Essentially, a mechanical door lock simply keeps an intruder out, while a smart lock that’s connected to other smart devices and has a built-in alarm protects you.

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