Best 3D Home Design Software for 2021 (Free & Paid, for PC, Mac, Mobile & Online)


There was a time when if you needed 3D renderings of a room, house, or entire building, you had to hire the services of an architect. These days, you can do most of the work yourself, which can be a lot more fun than it looks, especially if the software does the heavy lifting for you and it’s easy to use. .

Best 3D Home Design Software

Of course, this won’t replace meticulously designed blueprints that meet specifications and pass local authority inspection, but they can help you get a good idea of ​​what you can achieve with an existing home, or if you have the time and patience, with the creation of an entire building.

The best part about such software is the ability to fill your space with all kinds of furniture and then explore the rooms virtually or even print photo-realistic renderings of them.

We’ve picked out the top five apps that will let you design quickly and accurately, with great results.

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Floor Planner Review List

(Image credit: Floorplanner)

Design your room digitally effortlessly

Reasons to buy

+Works very well+Easy to use+Intuitive+Many customization options

Reasons to avoid

Some limitations with the free account

Floor planner is an online service aimed at individuals and businesses, and allows you to rearrange one of your rooms, an entire floor, or even an entire building, and to provide for the integration of your furniture into your new home. It’s web-based, so you access it through your favorite browser, and best of all, if your needs are modest, it won’t cost you a thing.

In addition to a free account, you can choose one of the different subscription options (the more you pay, the more features you have access to). There is also a credit system that allows you to get features that are not normally available with the plan you have chosen.

Floorplanner is a great online service designed to help you create rooms and furnish them with great precision. Working with it is smooth and easy, and we didn’t observe any noticeable issues. The fact that there is a free option means that any amateur designer will happily use it to configure a room, but there are limits to this option. The more you pay, the more restrictions are lifted, leading to a versatile service that can meet the needs of individual and busy businesses.

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HomeByMe Review List

(Image credit: HomeByMe)

Virtually create the home of your dreams with this online service

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use+Huge customization+Vast number of choices+Can design a whole house for free

Reasons to avoid

3D panning can temporarily make certain objects disappearSwitching from one measurement system to another is not easyLow resolution photorealistic images take time to render and are watermarked

HomeBy Me offers a very affordable service with a myriad of options. We especially liked that the free plan doesn’t seem to limit your design options and lets you work on up to three different projects. The limit on the number of HD photorealistic images (1920×1080) is somewhat compensated by offering an unlimited number of lower quality images (640×360 pixels). However, it takes hours to render poor quality images. It is definitely not for the instant gratification crowd. Worse yet, while the results are most impressive, the free account sticks a giant watermark all over the image, rendering the effect unnecessary. HD images are rendered in minutes and do not have this watermark.

This service has a lot to offer, and if you’re not overly concerned with these images (which are a pretty big selling point when trying to get you to sign up), you can explore and create some really intricate designs with the best of ease.

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Chief Architect's Home Designer Review List

(Image credit: chief architect)

Meticulously build a house and garden from your Mac or PC

Reasons to buy

+Easy to learn+Multi platform+Unlimited possibilities

Reasons to avoid

May seem intimidating at firstAdditional items are not freeSometimes 3D views don’t respond as expected

If you are looking for meticulous planning, with precise editing and customization tools, aimed at delivering everything you need, right down to all the materials you will need for a specific job, Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 2022 just might be the software for you. Available for Mac and Windows, you have everything you need to build the home of your dreams – virtually, in your digital hands.

Despite its obvious detail and power, Home Designer Suite performs incredibly well and would most likely meet the needs of most people. You can get it for $ 129, although it’s currently priced at $ 99. Chief Architect also offers you a trial version which you can check out and decide if this is the right software for you.

Home Designer Suite is very complete, helping you to create the home of your dreams, without forgetting its surrounding landscape. You have full control over just about everything, and despite its apparent complexity, there are plenty of automatic tools that do a lot of the work for you, letting you focus on the details, turning a design into a home.

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DreamPlan review list

(Image credit: NCH Software)

Build a home or business space, on a Mac or PC

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use+Multi platform+Work at multiple levels+Can easily import 3D objects

Reasons to avoid

Can be slowNot all objects are installed initiallyNavigating a build can sometimes be awkward

Dream plan is designed to work on Windows (from XP) and Mac (10.5 and above) and comes in several versions: Plus is a commercial license and would cost you $ 40. If you only need it for personal use, Home costs $ 35. It’s not a big difference in price to be honest. However, as of this writing, there is a promotion going on that allows you to claim them for $ 29.99 or $ 24.99 respectively (this discount ends December 15, 2021).

NCH’s DreamPlan is great software that helps you create a multi-level building, modify it, and customize it inside and out as you like. It’s designed to make edits easy and even goes out of its way to help you understand the inner workings of the app, providing you with links to specific video tutorials throughout the interface (the subtle circular camera button blue). It’s also very affordable, works on multiple platforms, and comes with a free trial period – well worth a visit.

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MagicPlan Review List

(Image credit: MagicPlan)

Design the house of your dreams wherever you are

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use+Free mobile app+Two free projects+Interesting estimation tool

Reasons to avoid

No apparent redo optionAR seems to struggle when furniture gets in the way

This service is designed to work on an iOS or Android phone or tablet. The app itself is free and you can try out the service for nothing, but if you are going to use it regularly, you will need to subscribe.

One of the cool features of MagicPlan is “Scan with Camera”. If you are in the room you will be working on, you can use AR (Augmented Reality) to let the app scan and measure the room for you. It worked well, although we think it would work much better in an unfurnished space.

MagicPlan is an original design program. It’s a mobile app (although you can access some features through a web browser as well), with easy-to-use features, a cool AR option, and a cool way to generate estimates for the job at hand. The monthly subscriptions could pay off if designing is your thing, and it also offers you two free projects that casual users can explore as well. Definitely worth a look.

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