Budget smart home company Wyze raises the price of its professional home monitoring service

If you’re thinking of getting Wyze’s super cheap home security system, you might want to do it now. Starting April 6, Wyze is increasing the price of its professional 24/7 home monitoring service for the system from $4.99 per month to $9.99 per month. Existing subscribers, however, will remain locked into their current price. “This price increase will help us cover rising costs, make the service more sustainable, and continue to add new features,” the company said in an email to subscribers announcing the change.

With higher costs come more features. The Wyze Home Monitoring service for $10 per month (or $100 per year) includes a Cam Plus license worth $15 per year to apply to any camera (adding unlimited event and scene recording). other AI features), as well as person detection for all user cameras. The subscription will also add professional monitoring of Wyze’s leak and climate sensors and include the $10-per-year Sprinkler Plus subscription for its smart sprinkler controller (which adds real-time weather data to the device to water more efficiently). The new features will automatically apply to existing subscribers starting April 6.

Even with the price hike, Wyze remains the cheapest option for professional home monitoring. Its budget competitors have all recently seen price changes. Ring has raised its price from $10 to $20 per month ($200 per year) for professional monitoring. SimpliSafe’s base price for surveillance is now $18 per month, but you have to pay $28 to add camera storage. Ring’s $20 fee covers unlimited camera cloud storage, Wyze’s includes one. However, Wyze does not offer cellular backup for its alarm system, a standard feature on competitors’ products.

Prices for all Wyze hardware have increased over the past couple of years. Its iconic $20 Wyze Cam is now $33. And it’s not the company’s first price hike for its security system, either. The system launched last year at a surprisingly cheap price of $59 for hardware and a year of professional monitoring. Today, the starter kit is $80 (for a Wyze Sense hub, keyboard, two contact sensors, and a motion sensor), and if you buy the year of watch for $59, you get a $40 discount for a total of $100. That’s a $40 increase at launch.

However, at $100, it was still a bargain compared to starter kits from Ring and SimpliSafe, which cost around $200 with no monitoring included. Wyze has not released details of the plans it may offer when the subscription price increase takes effect next month.

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