Build your own home security system with up to 36% off Eufy Wire-Free Cameras Today

Today is the day to upgrade the cameras around your home. Currently on Amazon you can save up to 36% on Eufy cameras including a 3-piece home security system or even a 2K resolution wireless video doorbell add-on. The whole sale starts with the 3-piece security system for $293.99, and that price is $126 off what it normally sells for. It has only ever dipped below $340 once before today. You need to start with this kit because for most other things to work, including the video doorbell, you need Eufy’s HomeBase. If you already have one, you can check out the add-on options like 2k video doorbell, solar panels, or standalone security camera. This deal will only last until the end of the day.

Eufy Video Doorbells & Security Cameras | 36% off

Whether you need home security or just want to see when your pizza arrives at the door, you can save on a bunch of different Eufy security cameras today. All this at low prices.

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The EufyCam 2C Pro wireless home security system comes with the HomeBase station and three security cameras to get you started. You can add more, including solar panels that help maintain your outdoor cameras’ batteries. You can also add an additional security camera or two to protect more of your home, such as this one which is part of the sale today and reduced by $30.

The cameras can record plenty of detail thanks to the ability to capture in 2K resolution. They can also last a long time. Whether you choose to place your cameras indoors or outdoors, you can get up to 180 days of battery life on a single charge. They’re also IP67 rated for dust and water resistance so you can place them outside without worrying about weathering over time.

Other features include night vision, human detection technology that can tell humans apart and tell a passing animal so you don’t get unnecessary notifications, and more.

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