Finding a personal payday loan can be tough, especially at a time like this when the credit crunch is still strong.

Bank Guarantees

The banks ask for guarantees and if we are bad payers, the only solution could be to inquire about how to request the transfer of the fifth or to present to the bank a guarantor who pays him our debt in case of need.

money saver

Comparing the offers of Legos, Find Loan, Prestitotis, etc. we can easily find a personal payday loan that suits us even if often the big banks or financial institutions tend to ask for stronger guarantees; on the contrary, cooperative banks or, as in this case, cooperative credit banks such as DFTS Rome can offer cheaper rates, being an integral part of their policy to meet the needs of the territory.

One of the most interesting products among those of DFTS Rome is derstigues Flexible Loan, a personal payday loan that provides for a maximum request of 20 thousand euros, repayable in monthly installments up to 84 months. derstigues Flexible Loan also presents a series of additional services, such as the possibility of skipping the installment, changing the monthly amount and the opportunity to pay off the loan early.

Flexible loan

In the first case, that is if we had the need to skip the payment of an installment, derstigues Flexible Loan will allow us to do it once a year for a maximum of three times;


the installments will be postponed, extending the time of amortization. The modification of the installment provides the same conditions: it can be increased or decreased based on the needs of those who have signed the personal payday loan once a year for a maximum of three times.

Early repayment, often burdened with a penalty, in the case of derstigues Flexible Loan will be free. Going to the branch or reading the contractual documents obtainable from the site it is possible to collect all the more technical information regarding the interest rates applied. We always recommend that you read all information documents carefully so that you fully understand all the conditions and clauses of the personal payday loan ; in this way we will avoid any surprise.

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