Clear Home Design Furniture Founder Launches Hiddin To Offer Luxury Pet Products



“The designs appeal to pet owners who need products that protect their pets, but also appreciate a sleek aesthetic,” said Tracey Butler, interior designer and founder of Clear Home Design. “Animal barriers, crates and feeders can look good, ”she said,“ and pets certainly don’t need to be kept behind bars when they’re indoors. ”

The demand for pet furniture led to the emergence of the new range. Hiddin’s patented designs complement any home decor. The signature of the ‘Pet Crate to Gate’ collection is a clear and sturdy Lucite pet crate that also decomposes to function as a freestanding Lucite pet door. Place the crate next to a sofa or chair and it functions as a chic side table, making it ideal for use in small homes.The Hiddin transparent range also includes freestanding gates for Lucite pets, playpens, dog beds, raised dog feeders, food and toy bins, collars, leashes and other accessories. There is also a product category “just for the cats.”

Lucite is a premium material for pet products because it is lightweight, impact resistant, and easy to clean. Hiddin makes its premium items available to commerce as well as consumers, and customization options are also available. For more information visit

About Hiddin
Hiddin, a division of Clear house design, offers beautiful modern designs for discerning pet parents. Hiddin has reinvented the necessary pet furniture without sacrificing function. Launched in 2021, Hiddin’s slogan, “hidden in plain sight”, evokes the sleek and virtually invisible design of the entire product line. All Hiddin products are made in the United States from BPA free materials. For more information visit and follow us on Instagram.

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