Confidence in work from home security increases with adoption of MFA: Thales survey

A new survey from biometric solutions provider Thales suggests that India is at the forefront of adopting multi-factor authentication (MFA) technologies.

According to the new data, the country has the highest increase in MFA adoption and the highest overall percentage of corporate use of MFA among all countries surveyed, up to 66% this year. .

“The strong growth in the adoption of multi-factor authentication in India indicates a growing awareness and commitment to ensuring high levels of security in enterprise environments,” said Ashish Saraf, vice president and country manager for India at Thales.

Incidentally, the role of MFA (associated with biometrics) in the evolution of the security sector has also been highlighted by Mitek Vice President of Product Management Chris Briggs in a recent interview with Biometric update.

The Thales report also explores trends related to remote working, suggesting that while companies are still concerned about the security risks associated with remote working, they are less so than last year.

“In recent years, the paradigm has changed with new priorities and strategies to protect access to data, applications and systems,” adds Saraf.

Specifically, the new figures indicate that 84% of IT professionals surveyed have some degree of confidence in their user access security systems to enable remote working safely and effectively, up from 56% in 2021. .

Additionally, the Thales survey shows that IT professionals overall feel less concerned about the security risks of remote working, with only 31% globally saying they have serious concerns (down from 39% last year). ).

“New threats, risks and vulnerabilities, as well as changing business requirements, underscore the need for robust access management, multi-factor authentication and a willingness to access the network without trust,” Saraf concludes. .

The data comes from the Thales Access Management Index 2022, a global survey of 2,600 IT executives by 451 Research, an S&P Global Market Intelligence unit.

To learn more about MFA biometrics and other forms of authentication, the UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) recently released new guidelines, which we explored here.

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