Energy company to supply 30,000 solar home systems in 6 geopolitical zones

Kasim Sumaina in Abuja

An indigenous energy company, SunPawa Energy Limited, said it would supply 30,000 solar home systems (SHS) across the country’s six geopolitical zones.

The managing director of the company, Mr. Odera Ozoka, said the aim was to provide relief to people especially living in rural communities.

Ozoka, while speaking to the press in Abuja, cited Adamawa, Anambra, Kaduna, Kwara, Kogi and Delta as pilot states where the products would be rolled out, while other states would be visited in two years.

He noted that SunPawa seeks to bring solutions in the field of renewable energy that will go a long way in relieving many people living in darkness, especially in rural communities.

He revealed that at present, just under half of the population of Nigeria lives without electricity and 75% of them are mainly in rural communities.

“According to Ozoka, “As entrepreneurs, we are looking for creative ways to ensure that people have access to reliable electricity, thereby increasing the economic growth of Nigerians exponentially. “

He reiterated his desire to ensure that more people have access to electricity in the country, adding that although it might not be easy; given the structural problems in the electricity sector.

SunPawa Energy was recently shortlisted by the Rural Electrification Agency for the Solar Home System Generation Based Fund component under the Nigerian Electrification Project to provide nationwide energy access to rural communities.

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