Faye and Teddy install home security systems after Teddy’s car is broken into for

They have alarms that go straight to the police and avoid putting their house on social media

Faye and Teddy said they installed CCTV and an alarm system after Teddy’s car was broken into.

Last month, Teddy’s car was broken into and a camera was stolen. The Love Island couple now have an alarm system that goes straight to the police, ‘think twice’ about what they are doing and avoid putting certain corners of their home on social media.

Teddy said the break-in was “extremely scary”. He said Okay“We could hear voices but didn’t really think about them. Then we went to get a McDonald’s quite late at night and I noticed my chair had been moved so I knew that was unusual and then the next day Faye needed her camera and I realized that he wasn’t there.

He called it an “invasion of privacy”, saying: “It was so weird getting in and out of my car for a while knowing someone had tampered with all my stuff.”

Faye said: “The police have been very helpful and they know where we are at with the alarm system going directly to them and we’ve seen a lot more police patrols which has been really nice.”

In addition to CCTV and alarms, the couple are “thinking twice” about what they are doing. Teddy said: ‘I’m going to think twice to make sure my car and Faye’s are permanently locked and double check all the locks in the house.

“We try not to put our house on social media from certain angles and we are careful. It’s something we can’t prevent, but it’s the way of the world unfortunately.

After meeting on Love Island last summer, a few months ago, Faye and Teddy announced that they had moved in together, into a house that they were going to furnish and renovate.

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