Febreze elevates home design with fragrant style

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–From the perfect placement of pillows to arranging furniture for proper energy flow, interior design is paramount to creating your dream home. We instinctively focus on colors, materials and textures that look and feel good, but often overlook one key element: smell. Enter “Scent Styling”, the freshest new design concept from the fragrance experts at Febreze that combines the sense of smell with the visual art of interior design to elevate your living space. Studies have shown that smells, whether good or bad, can have a profound impact on your mental and physical well-being. By wisely incorporating scents throughout your home, you can create an atmosphere for every room.

Febreze has teamed up with actress, author and interior designer Garcelle Beauvais to share how you can scent your home with Febreze AIR. With Garcelle’s expertise and over thirty Febreze AIR fragrance options, it’s easy to find the perfect scents to enhance any room in your home and enhance your everyday experience.

“When styling a room, we mainly focus on visual aesthetics, while smell is often overlooked. But interior designers know the power smells can have in a home – there’s a reason real estate agents use smells as the finishing touch! said Beauvais. “To help create the vibe I’m looking for, Febreze AIR is a go-to. A few sprays are enough to combat those bad odors and leave behind the luxurious, fresh scents I want. Remember, home cohesion doesn’t stop at the eyes – with Scent Styling, you’ll love what you see and smell throughout your home.

Indeed, although underused, perfume is a powerful tool in interior design. A new olfactory study1 of the Fragrance Creators Association published in Cognitive research: principles and Consequences demonstrates that smell fundamentally underlies most everyday life experiences such as memory, well-being, motivated behavior, social behavior and emotions. Pleasant scents can enhance a space by improving mood, relieving anxiety, increasing alertness, or even providing a comforting sense of nostalgia. One of the authors, Morgan Eberhard (formerly Morgan Brashear), Senior Scientist at Febreze, adds:Research reveals how bad smells can also negatively impact a space. So no matter how beautifully decorated or satisfactorily organized a room may be, the design is not complete until the sense of smell is taken into account.

So how does Scent Styling work? Here are some key things to consider when deciding how to elevate each room in your home:


Think about the room and its use.

What room in your house needs a pick-me-up? What do you most often do in this room or what do you want to do in this room? Does this activity create odors? You’ll want a different vibe in a room where you relax and meditate than a room where you watch football with guests.


Consider the visual aesthetic and the overall mood.

Everything in your room should be cohesive – and that includes its smell, too. Are you opting for the clean, minimalist lines of modern design? Or do you prefer the carefree, multi-textured style of Bohemian? Think about how different scents will feel with different looks. Farmhouse, for example, works well with scents with natural notes, while industrial works best with cleaner, masculine aromas.


Follow your nose to your favorite scents.

Think about the aesthetics of your perfume. Are you drawn to clean, refreshing scents? Floral or fruity? And which of these scents will provide the mood you want to create?

This simple approach will help you identify the best scent style for that space and come up with the scent plan for your entire home, room by room. To learn more about Scent Styling and discover expert-selected scent profiles to help you scent every room in your home, visit: https://scentstyling.com/.


In 1998, Procter & Gamble (P&G) brought a breath of fresh air to households with the launch of Febreze®, known today as the go-to brand for providing a fresh, clean scent and fighting odors from fabrics and the air. Febreze® offers a range of products with freshness capabilities that range from eliminating pet odors and fighting sweat stench to decorating the home with on-the-go fragrance and freshening. Febreze® continues to be one of the fastest growing brands in P&G’s household brand portfolio and to bring innovative products to market.


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1 Herz, RS, Larsson, M., Trujillo, R. et al. A three-factor benefits framework for understanding consumer preference for scented household products: psychological interactions and implications for future development. Conn. Research 7, 28 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1186/s41235-022-00378-6

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