Finding Success in Home Design Solutions

Kelvin Ting, CEO of Floors to Walls

A home is one of the most important investments one can make, so many people spare no expense to build their dream home. Even during the pandemic, when many businesses failed, interior design and furnishings remained strong as homeowners opted to renovate their homes during lockdown.

As construction work is in full swing thanks to the easing of quarantine restrictions, Filipino interior design solutions company Floors to Walls aims to ride the wave and help other contractors with the launch of its franchise network.

Floors to Walls began as a humble store in Binondo with CEO Kelvin Ting and his wife personally traveling to different provinces to bring their products to potential customers. Today, it has become a brand of construction supplies that can be found all over the Philippines thanks to the many dealers offering their products.

The creation of a Floors to Walls franchise system aims to expand the brand’s presence as a stand-alone store. It is envisioned to be a one-stop-shop solution for all design and material needs for a construction project – a place where architects, designers and contractors can sit together to collaborate during the procurement phase and building.

One of the main differentiators that Ting offers in Floors to Walls is the ability for customers to negotiate prices with the store. “Filipinos love to haggle and they happily buy when they have a discount or markdown. We will give our franchisees a buffer to give them the opportunity to lower their prices while making a profit,” Ting said. .

In addition, Ting promises that there will be no royalties on sales made by franchisees. “We will help our provincial franchisees with online marketing and advertising.

And to help them further, we won’t ask them for royalties. All they need is to help us cover the cost of promotions,” he added.

Ting is in no rush to expand as he wants to ensure franchise partners are ready for the industry in which Floors to Walls operates. The company is targeting 5 franchisees for this year. the few people who have a “feel” for the industry. After all, their success will also be our success,” he said.

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