In countries with a foreign currency, to make a purchase on the internet, or in an emergency: these are common scenarios in which the average Belgian uses his credit card. But also in other circumstances a Rose credit card can offer you benefits.


Pay without worries

Pay without worries

With the credit card you have a free delay for the payment of your purchase. Until the (fixed) date on which you receive your extract. If you receive your extract, you have the choice. Either you repay the full amount owed and then you pay no interest. Or you pay less back. Then you pay interest for the period and on the amount for which you defer the payment. You must repay the monthly minimum 1/18 or 1/24 th of the spent amount, with a minimum of € 25 *.

Good to know: the credit card is a safe payment method . After all, your credit card has a usage limit set by you and you must enter a pin code for most merchants.

Fast contactless payment is possible for small amounts.


Extra protection

credit card

All Rose credit cards also include one or more insurance policies. Such as the purchase insurance that covers your purchases of at least € 50 in the event of theft with burglary or violence or accidental damage. Certain cards even provide an extended warranty for your purchases, in addition to the statutory 2-year warranty. And other cards include travel insurance. For all info, check the different credit cards.

Another great advantage of the credit card is the savings system that is linked to some cards. You will receive a discount on all your purchases, up to 3%. With some cards this only applies when you buy something on the internet, with others even for all purchases. If you use your card regularly, these discounts are pretty good.


Discount on your vacation

Discount on your vacation

Rose also offers tickets in collaboration with other partners. With the Baracko World Mastercard you get a 2% discount on all your purchases at the do-it-yourself chain. With the Neckermann World Mastercard you will receive a discount of up to € 250 on your next holiday with this tour operator.

Even those who like to save air miles are in good hands with Rose. Every euro that you spend with the Rose World Travel Mastercard gives you one mile. If you buy train tickets at NMBS Europe, you will even get double miles. You can convert the miles into airline tickets to the destination of your choice and also into Aero, ACE or TBG train tickets.

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