Home design: a Berkshires cabin can indeed be both rustic and polished

Although many of Jess Cooney’s clients are second home owners seeking respite in the Berkshires, the designer ensures that interiors are equipped for everyday life in all seasons. Refreshing a 1980s ski house for a family of four, it added practical storage space with plenty of earthy appeal. The color scheme seems appropriate for Berkshires all year round. “People want clean and modern, but not cold or cosmopolitan,” she says. “We used warm rust tones that bond with the foliage; this is what the area is known for.”

1 Cooney painted the stone fireplace and the unremarkable wooden mantel white so that they recede. “We refocused the focus from the fireplace to the center of the room,” explains the designer. She also swapped the raised hearth for a blue stone slab set into the floor, which opened up the circulation space.

2 Installing vertical planks on walls painted the same soft white as the fireplace lends modern farmhouse details to otherwise empty expanses.

3 The Arteriors pendant with microfiber band that hangs from the top of the 25-foot ceiling casts soft, linear shadows at night.

4 There was no room to create closets in the open plan, so Cooney designed decorative built-ins with enclosed storage and shelving. The live edge oak slab offers a wooded moment.

5 Vintage 1970s leather lounge chairs by Arne Norell imbue the room with age and balance the light upholstery. “The chairs exude a rustic warmth that makes you feel like you’re in a country house,” says Cooney.

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