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PARIS, June 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – French vocational training institution The interior design institute proudly celebrates the success of its new online course, Interior Design Fundamentals. The course is available free to learners on the web and has already welcomed hundreds of students eager to experience the world of interior design by learning from accomplished and experienced architects.

Students can take advantage of the expertise provided by the course facilitators, simultaneously familiarizing themselves with the artistic and practical side of interior design. Ideal for a wide range of skill levels and interests, the course provides a gateway for putting new creative knowledge into practice.

Whether it’s a complete novice hoping to incorporate some of the design principles explored into their own home, or a more experienced creative who wants to know how to bring their vision to life, the Interior Design Fundamentals course encourages every student to realize their own potential. , by applying the acquired knowledge in their personal home design projects.

The interior design course is operated using Zoom, creating a virtual classroom in real time. During the course, students will learn more about the history and theory of interior design, familiarizing themselves with styles, techniques and compositions in order to know how to develop aesthetic spaces that are both safe and functional.

Interior Design Fundamentals is created and managed by the Home Design Institute Paris, experts in professional training in interior design. With thousands of happy students reaping the rewards of their first-class classes, Home Design Institute Paris has developed an enviable reputation as the premier interior design institute giving access to this superb free interior design course.

“We are delighted to offer our first free course to students around the world,” said the CEO Ilian Petrov. “The Home Design Institute Paris is dedicated to making interior design more accessible and equipping our students with the skills they need to create spaces where they and others can truly thrive.”

Find out more about the online course on the official website Interior Design Fundamentals – Free Online Course (homedesigninstitute.com).

Press responses to be sent to:
Ilian Petrov, CEO
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