Home Design Roundup: Make the Home Yours

Montecito has long had its eye on style, and recently Summerland has become a hotbed to find the design, decor, and items that adorn your bed and interior spaces. Here’s a roundup of area designers and stores that help make our homes feel like home.

Marc Normand Gélinas Interior Design

MNorman Gélinas bow, based in Montecito with a Rhode Island office as well, has consulted on projects since 1987 in New York, Santa Barbara, Aspen and Rhode Island. Having spent a lot of time in New York and Paris, he has an eye for art and aesthetics, with his work spanning classic styles like Spanish Colonial and Mid-Century Modern to more modern furniture, and having been featured in Beautiful house and traditional house, among others. Visit marcnormandgelinas.com.

Ann James Interior Design

Having worked in Southern California and the 805 area for 37 years, Anne James has developed a “squadron” of suppliers and contractors who are proven relationships, with complete confidence in each other’s skills and work. Her designs are “residential bespoke,” meaning she’s not looking to pull furniture from a showroom, but rather design a space based on what they desire, noting that sometimes it’s almost as important to research “what they do”. t like”, like what they do, to create a space that will feel comfortable for years to come. Visit annjamesinteriors.com.

Kathryne Designs Inc.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Catherine Dahlmann is a dynamic designer who has worked on both private residences and commercial spaces. His work has been featured in Architectural Summary, City & Country, Santa Barbara Magazine, Magazine C, Elle Decor, To live in, and many other important interior design publications. Its Montecito Boutique & Design Studio on Coast Village Road allows customers to browse local art and homewares with many lines exclusively available in the area, such as Simon Pearce. Of course, they also offer full design services to help incorporate any ideas or eye-catching elements. Visit kdmontecito.com.

Margarita Bravo Interior Designs

Marguerite Bravo has offices in Denver, Miami, and Montecito, and its group includes a predominantly female design team. They have a customer-centric approach with their staff accompanying customers through every step of the design process, including budgeting, design, procurement and installation. With a summer home in Barcelona and drawing on European and Latin American inspirations, Margarita’s travels help inspire the vision and style she and her team bring to their residential and commercial clients. When approaching a project, Margarita sparkles in her own creativity, informed by her upbringing and world travel, to deliver a unique look that helps clients bring to life what they have in mind. Visit margaritabravo.com.

Heartbreak at home

Home Crush has a new location in Summerland that lets visitors experience and touch the furniture before making a decision

Home Crush embraces the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that comes with this area and has both a Santa Barbara and a new Summerland location that captures their approach to design. These boutiques have a range of selected and exclusive items on display so that visitors can sit in the furniture, smell the materials and experience what it would be like to have that item in their home. As a full-service design studio, one of their specialties is integrating smart home electronics and technologies into one seamless system that can be customized and used easily. These systems are programmable for different times of day, moods and conditions, letting your home take on character that goes beyond aesthetics, delivering responsive functionality that defines everything exactly how you want your home to feel. Visit home-crush.com.

Interiors John De Bastiani

John De Bastiani uses “rich, soft colors” in his design that soothe and embolden the space

Operating in both Los Angeles and Montecito, Jean de Bastiani has additionally completed projects in locations as diverse as Boston, Palm Beach, Miami, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Maine, Vermont, Cape Cod, and North Carolina. A design studio in its own right, his style has been described as “sleek, sophisticated and understated” with a color palette he describes as “rich, understated colours”. Whether updating an old ranch house from the 1940s or simply renovating a single living room, John seeks to showcase the nature of the area and bring out the inherent livability of the space, with works that have been featured in a variety of editions including traditional house, Beautiful houseand Luxury. Visit johndd.com.

Interiors Birgit Klein

Originally from Germany and opening his first design office in London in 2006, Birgit Klein brings its global experience to every design. Now with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara/Montecito, the full-service interior architecture and design studio has an eye for modern European style while keeping it local. Its local showroom is located in the heart of the village of San Ysidro and is a one-stop-shop for international design. Customers can browse and purchase European textiles, lighting and accessories that have not yet been offered in Santa Barbara. Visit birgitklein.com.


Offering everything from pillows and blankets to handmade baskets, picture frames and small accents for the room, botanik specializes in home, garden and stylish items in an allotment garden style. They are praised for their luscious arrangements, as well as the peaceful interior space and calm garden that accompanies them, self-described as: “A lifestyle boutique where beautiful home and garden products paint a lush palette. and colorful for the eyes.” Visit botanikinc.com.

William Laman Furniture.Garden.Antiques

This quaint cottage decor suits William Laman’s selection of furniture and antiques, while capturing their design philosophy of ‘form, function and simplicity’. With understated elegance, their selection of furniture, garden ornaments and antiques have been attracting tourists and locals alike since 1995. William Lamanas well as Hall of Famer (1987) and internationally renowned design Bruce Gregga, be sure to stock an ever-changing selection of offerings from their shopping trips around the world, as well as unique pieces of their own design. Visit williamlaman.com.


The Well is a popular location for homeowners and designers

In a charming but expansive outdoor setting of Summerland, The Well has become a popular spot for locals looking for something to add to their home, as well as designers looking to source an item for a client. Their selection of vintage and antique products is complemented by custom fountains and fireplaces, as well as one-of-a-kind “upcycled” pieces from reimagined items they’ve sourced over the years and from around the world. The sweeping space also allows other vendors, like Dominique Cohen, to be tucked into the nooks and crannies of the property, meaning there’s plenty for customers to discover. Go to instagram.com/thewellsummerland.

Jenni Kayne Home

Jenni Kayne Home recently opened a new store in the Upper Village

With stores spread across the United States, their new location is just steps from their original clothing-focused Montecito store in the Upper Village. The newly opened Jenni Kayne Home is an equally welcoming space designed with the best of the California coast in mind. Featuring an inviting palette of timeless neutrals and earthy earth tones, it’s a must-visit for any interiors lover. Minutes from the idyllic grounds of San Ysidro Ranch, there are even more excuses to stop and check out the elevated essentials designed for your dream home. Visit jennikayne.com

Montecito Country Mart

Located on Coast Village Road, the Montecito Country Mart is a frequent spot for Montecitans to grab their morning coffee or stop to shop. Their range of stores and boutiques cover fashion, beauty and of course home furnishings. With stores like the chic Clic, the eclectic and colorful Hudson Grace, and James Perse, which now also has a location in the Rosewood Miramar, the Montecito Country Mart offers plenty of options for home shopping like you do your usual errands. . Visit montecitocountrymart.com.

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