Home Security at Fig Tree Pocket

On Sunday May 29, Indooroopilly Station Police were invited to the local “Mandalay Melodies” event organized by the Mandalay Progress Association which represents the Fig Tree Pocket community.

Local residents have recently seen an increase in criminal activity in their neighborhood, particularly around home and property security.

The community welcomed a presentation on home safety by local Crime Prevention Coordinator Sergeant Jose Sarmiento and Inspector Corey Allen.

Tips for improving your home security:

  • Make sure the doors are always locked with a key even when you are at home
  • Make sure all exterior doors, including your garage, to your home are sturdy and fitted with quality deadbolts
  • Consider installing security screen doors, designed and installed to Australian standards
  • Install a peephole that allows you to see the person before opening the door
  • Install secure locks on your windows that meet Australian standards and never leave keys in the window lock
  • Ensure security grilles and shutters are properly installed and allow egress in case of emergency
  • Consider installing an intruder alarm system and a security camera system that covers all exterior doors, windows, and the garage. Ensure the system is installed to Australian standards for domestic applications
  • Always make sure car and house keys, as well as cell phones, purses and wallets, are out of sight
  • Make sure trees and shrubs are trimmed to allow visibility of your property and that your house number is clearly visible
  • Lock up valuables such as bicycles, lawn mowers and garden tools such as ladders. Always keep the door to your garage or shed closed and locked with a key
  • Consider installing perimeter security lighting, including sensor lights
  • Join your local neighborhood watch group at www.nhwq.org
  • Have an emergency evacuation plan and review it regularly.
Group photo with Indooroopilly Police and local Fig Tree Pocket residents
Indooroopilly Police and Local Fig Tree Pocket Residents

You can also perform a full examination home security assessmentfollowing these principles:

  • Make it easy for an offender to be seen
  • Make it difficult for an offender to enter
  • Make it difficult for a violator to get away with your property
  • Make it difficult for an offender to profit from your property.

The Mobile Police Beat vehicle was also on display at the event and was popular with locals inspecting the facility.

The Mobile Police Beat parked in the park
The Mobile Police Beat on display!

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