Home security demand soars amid series of ram raids

Demand for smart home security systems is skyrocketing amid a series of corporate ramming raids that are putting communities on edge.

New data from PriceSpy shows that interest in smart cameras has increased by more than 76% since last year.

A young family in Auckland say they spent $5,000 installing their new home security system.

“Because of everything that’s happened and you know you see the news of people entering people’s property at night,” Bianca Fernandas said.

She told 1News that after the family dogs passed away last year, they were left without what had been their “security system”.

“We were going back to work after Covid and we had no security,” she said.

All Round Security director Philip Walsh told 1News there were twice as many requests for home security cameras as before the pandemic.

“Over the past two months or so, the number of inquiries received across Auckland has increased three to four times,” he said.

He says customers are looking for peace of mind.

“It’s driven by what’s going on in the community with the raids, thefts, burglaries. Everyone has a story.

According to the New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey 2021, the number of domestic burglaries has dropped significantly over the past 12 months.

However, the total number of burglaries increased from the previous year, which the report said indicates that households are likely to be affected more than once.

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