Home security on a growth chart as Arlo and Swann face off

The global home security system market size was valued at AU$76 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach AU$112 billion by 2025.

In Australia, the market is growing at over 10% per year with brands like Arlo Swann, Google Nest and Amazon Ring taking the lion’s share, followed by D Link and

Consumers in several markets, including the United States, are moving away from Chinese brands such as Eufy due to security concerns and their access to consumer data.

Unlike brands like Arlo and Swann who go to great lengths to protect images and customer information, even to the point of denying government departments access to content unless they have a warrant, Eufy has been caught for major privacy breaches which resulted in both live and recorded camera feeds being shown to complete strangers.

The Chinese company was also exposed in 2021 as having full access to a consumer account, including control of pan and tilt cameras where applicable.

When pushed on the matter, Eufy management admitted that their camera owners could access video feeds from other users’ cameras.

Markets & Markets analysts claim that the growth of the consumer security market is driven by factors such as growing awareness of home security systems, emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and new wireless technologies. wire and the growing adoption of IP cameras for video surveillance. .

According to Arlo regional marketing manager Lambro Skropidis, the home security camera market has started to recover after a decline in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Arlo, which has 15% of the Australian market behind security offerings Google and Amazon, is in a close battle with Swann who has 14% of the market.

Unlike Arlo, Swann also has a strong presence in the B2b wired security market.

Recent market research by Arlo revealed that 35% of participants did not recall any security brand.

During the peak Christmas and New Year shopping season, Arlo launched a major TV marketing campaign which Skropidis says has been “very successful in increasing awareness of the Arlo brand” in the Australian market.

The company, which earlier today launched its new Arlo Go 2 security camera that works via SIM or wirelessly, has been described as “ideal for remote locations and construction sites” where security needs to be monitored remotely.

Skropidis said home security camera ownership increases with “intent to buy” a camera from 34% in Q4 2021 to 37% in Q2 2022.

He said “more than a fifth of households in Australia” now have a security camera or doorbell.

In the security doorbell market, Arlo is second only to the Amazon-owned Ring.

According to several retailers ChannelNews spoke to, security is considered a “growth category” with growth expected to continue for several years.

A JB Hi Fi store manager said customers are also coming to stores to upgrade their existing security cameras to 4K after they recently upgraded their Wi-Fi router to new W6 models with better content streaming .

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