Houzz releases its 2021 report on emerging home design trends



Luxury fabrics, photo by Nick Klein © Houzz

PALO ALTO, Calif .– Houzz has identified six emerging trends in home design based on research from his community of American homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home professionals.

The Emerging Home Design Trends Report 2021 reflects the year-over-year growth in Houzz searches from April to June of this year, compared to the same time period in 2020.

The six key trends are:

  • Dedicated activity spaces: People rely on their homes to provide new possibilities for activities and entertainment. Searches increased almost 10 times for art studios, almost 4 times for home bars and wine cellars, with home theaters, home gyms and home offices respectively 3x, 2, 5x and 2x.
  • Bring in the outdoors: This year, Houzz found that one in five homeowners were opening their kitchens to the outdoors, with an increase in searches for artificial plants (up to 7x) and trees (up to 4.5x), as well as an increase in searches for green kitchen cabinets, tiled bathrooms, accent chairs and bedrooms.
  • Refreshment of the living room: As people have spent more time in their salon over the past year, they may be looking for inspiration, with salon searches up 52% ​​from the same time period in 2020. While booster pillows and house accents have seen some of the most dramatic effects. increases (up to 51x and 25x, respectively), other decorative touches are also on the rise.
  • Photo by Matthew Niemann Photography © Paper Moon Painting

    Design that offers flexibility: Many homeowners are turning to furniture options that offer more flexibility. Searches for TV cabinets with pocket doors (up to 23x), large wall beds (up to 21x) and nesting side tables (up to 20x) create dual use for a room. Swivel accent chairs (up to 20x) create flexible definitions between rooms, and daybed sets (up to 9x) offer multiple uses.

  • Luxury fabrics, materials and colors: What is hot in the tissues? It gets glamorous with research incorporating velvet, gold, and crystal, all on the rise year on year.
  • Make a splash with Pool Design: Outdoor spaces are also getting extra attention, with searches for swimming pools and pool house more than doubling from the same time period in 2020. People are looking for specific styles, shapes and designs of pools, with searches for pools with water games up to almost 8 times. .

Vicky Jarrett has worked with various furniture industry publications – including Furniture Today, Retail Ideas, Our State magazine and Casual Living – for over 20 years and joined Furniture Today as Editor-in-Chief in 2016.


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