How a Home Security System Can Help Protect Your Children

Safety gates on the stairs to prevent your toddler from falling? To verify. Socket covers for electrical sockets to prevent children from inserting their fingers into sockets? To verify. Are cabinet locks installed where needed to prevent access to hazardous items? To verify.

If you’ve made sure that the inside of your home is a safe haven for your kids, you might be wondering if you need a home security system too. The answer, according to SCP Security – a 24/7 security company providing armed response, alarm monitoring services and VIP protection – is a resounding yes!

“A home security system is a combination of physical and electrical components that work in unison to protect you and your children. A typical home security system will contain surveillance cameras, entry sensors, glass break sensors, sirens, panic buttons, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors,” says Clive Maher, founder of SCP Security.

Good to know: Although a home security system is an excellent deterrent against burglars, it is worthless if it is not associated with a very efficient and reputable security company. The system should be linked to a security company who will monitor all emergency announcements and notifications, including your alarm systems, panic buttons on mobile devices, gate monitoring and offsite CCTV.

Here are eight ways a home security system can protect your children:

Crime deterrence

According to the latest crime figures from the South African Police Service, home robberies have increased significantly by 7.6% from 4,916 to 5,288 cases from January to March 2021. A home security system is essential to protect and secure your family from intruders. A study found that 60% of burglars are deterred from leaving a home if they see signs of a security system.

Limits criminal activity during a house iinvasion

A control panel alarm includes a touchpad for easy programming and interaction and a password entry area to arm and disarm the device. A high-decibel alarm is generated if sensors detect movement (such as opening doors and windows). An alarm system connected to a security company will notify the provider of your choice that your home has been breached and provide assistance quickly, reducing the time criminals have access to your home.

The advantage of remote monitoring

Outdoor and indoor CCTV cameras equipped with night vision and a hard drive capable of recording high definition images can be a valuable addition to a home security system. Consider leaving your older children at home and know that you can always watch them, no matter the time of day or location.

light the way

Lighting can and should be integrated into a home security system. You can choose motion lights that are always on but not always on. The light turns on instantly when a person walks past the motion sensor, clearly illuminating the area (ideal for teenagers coming home from a night out with their friends). When someone opens a door, interior lights may turn on. Additionally, lights must be turned on whenever a home security system is triggered.

A safer family neighborhood

The more families in your neighborhood that have security systems, the safer the whole neighborhood. Nine out of ten convicted burglars admit to avoiding areas where most homes have a security system. The same goes for communities that employ a professional private security company to carry out routine patrols. Crime will be less likely to occur due to the visibility of security guards.

Reduced arrival times of emergency personnel

While police, fire and paramedics work diligently to respond to every call, if you have a home security system connected to a reliable security company and report a disturbance or emergency, a representative can respond within minutes.

Fireproofing a house

Some home security systems can send you an alarm in case of fire or smoke. Every homeowner dreads the day they return home and discover irreversible damage caused by fire or smoke. A monitored home security system will alert residents to fire or smoke and immediately notify the proper authorities, dramatically shortening response time.

Alerts you if a gas leak oheart

With the word “shedding” becoming a reality for many South Africans, there has been an increasing focus on gas as a fuel source for heaters, cooking equipment and other appliances. When the gas is not burned properly or is used in an area with insufficient ventilation, carbon monoxide (CO) is produced. A home security system with carbon monoxide detectors can prevent you and your children from being exposed to the invisible, odorless, and potentially deadly gas.

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