How to secure your place? Find out with the new Home Security app

With the latest statistics showing that a home is broken into every 20 minutes in Victoria, Australia, a new app developed by RACV and Neighborhood Watch called How safe is my place Takes some of the guesswork out of home security – giving you a good indication of how safe your home is.

The app asks a series of questions, and with your answers, it can help you determine how well your home is protected against burglaries and what you can do to improve its overall security.

Kirsty Hayes, RACV’s Head of Home and Business Insurance, said RACV is incredibly proud to partner with Neighborhood Watch and help launch the How safe is my place application.

“The app can help inform the decisions you make around the home and whether it’s worth considering installing a security system for added peace of mind to help keep your valuable possessions and your family safe,” Ms Hayes said. “It’s also essential to check that your home insurance is up to date, with an adequate level of cover,” Ms Hayes said.

When launching the app, Neighborhood Watch CEO Bambi Gordon said nearly a third of burglaries in Australia are done without force and for opportunistic reasons.

She added: “With support from RACV, our new app will help you assess your level of safety, identify risks and think about simple things you can do that have a significant impact on your feeling of safety. “

“If you think home security is a boring topic, you’re going to be surprised,” Ms Gordon continued. “You can now visit a virtual home to discover ways to secure your property. The app is fun, interactive and a family initiative designed to help make your home safer. »

The new How Safe is My Place app will help you assess your home’s safety, identify risks and think about what you can do to make your home safer.

“In addition to using the How safe is my place app, introducing yourself to neighbors and exchanging contact details, or joining or creating a neighborhood watch group can make a difference,” she added.

The app was developed after the popularity and success of an online quiz of the same name. Neighborhood watch used How safe is my place to encourage people to do simple things to secure their homes, including starting or joining a neighborhood watch group so they can protect each other.

Neighborhood Watch will be at the Melbourne Home Show from April 29 to May 1 to give live demonstrations of the app, provide safety tips and help Victorians and Australians in general foster connections to the neighbourhood.

For more information, visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app – or go here.

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