How Tudu Energy builds solar home systems to power SMEs and households – CEO, Tuoyo Dudu

Problems with the importation of substandard products into the country continued to be a major concern in Nigeria, fueling mistrust of items such as sunscreens and other products imported into the country. .

To solve the problem, an energy company, Tudu Energy, helps assemble the components that make up the solar room system, such as quality solar panels, quality batteries and charge controllers – all of which are sourced from reputable companies here in Nigeria – instead of just importing off-the-shelf products and also providing integration using the best possible products.

In an interview on the Half hour business show hosted by Nairametrics, Tuoyo Dudu, CEO, Founder, Tudu Energy explained that the startup is determined to assemble larger products that can be purchased locally to ensure quality control to build a Nigerian manufacturing base that can give Nigerians a quality product. He noted that the startup is not just looking to make money in one or two years, but has embarked on a long-term project that will ensure the availability and affordability of solar energy for everyone.

Describing Tudu as a next generation renewable energy company with a mission to light up Africa, he said, “For us, our mission has some key elements when it comes to lightening Africa. We focus more on manufacturing the technologies than importing the technologies and so right now we are manufacturing solar home systems here in Nigeria and we are using the solar home system to power SMEs and households. We are also engaged in a solar water project for communities that have no water and we are also engaged in solar tree lighting projects. »

Over the past few years, the energy sector has undergone a huge transformation as better technologies emerge rapidly. Tudu has been able to follow the trend by subscribing to lithium batteries as a replacement for the LED battery to allow users to enjoy a longer period of time.

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Regarding funding, he noted that running the business can be difficult without funding. However, he added that partnership and funding from international organizations such as USADF and All-On and others have helped fund promising renewable energy startups.

“Yes, funding is a big issue, but at the same time there are plenty of opportunities for funding if you have a good business model and are able to prove you’ve been in the field and your business is sustainable in the financing of renewable energies”, Dudo said.

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Speaking on the state of energy in Nigeria, he lamented that Nigeria continues to subsidize oil instead of using that money to build power plants or invest in renewable energy.

On the positive side, however, he noted that only a few countries have passed legislation on CO2 reduction targets and the Nigerian signing this law has, fortunately, joined this elite group of countries such as the UK, France, New Zealand, Sweden and others. .

“I hope the next government that comes into office will really look at renewable energy and look at the needs of Nigerians and decide to take the bull by the horn and I know that by the law signed by the president there will be for be a lot more action to see in the next dispensation.

“I can see a future where in the next 10 years Nigeria will not be running on generators; everywhere there will be solar home systems of different capacities. My prayer is truly that many of these products are made in Nigeria because we need to provide jobs for our young people.

“Every time we import products, we export jobs. So hopefully the next leaders who come into the office can think about production rather than just consumption. I think if we have good leadership and the right laws in place and dedicated entrepreneurs, there’s nothing we can’t do,” Dudo said.

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