Huge impact of solar home systems on livelihoods in India: GOGLA


New report from GOGLA, the association for the off-grid solar energy industry, has established the huge positive impact of solar home systems on livelihoods in India

A new report released by GOGLA, the global off-grid solar energy industry association, has established the huge positive impact of solar home systems (SHS) on livelihoods in India. At a time when the government is seeking to create more and more jobs to stimulate demand and with it the economy, the report entitled ‘Powering Opportunities in South Asia’ with research funded by UK AID and conducted by Altai Consulting, concludes that four Jobs (FTE) Jobs are created in India for every 100 SHS sold.

The research interviewed 949 households in South Asia, comprising mainly rural clients from the Indian states of Assam and Uttar Pradesh.

Solar home impact systems

Indian households with a solar home system also report significant improvements in their quality of life, as people feel more secure and their children have more time to study. The systems also offer a big increase in income to 1 in 10 homeowners, who use their SHS to light up and power businesses and to unlock more hours of work. An overwhelming 94 percent of households surveyed reported an improvement in their quality of life after purchasing a solar home system, with the majority stating

positive impacts in the areas of security (90%) and education (66%).

Main conclusions of the report:

1. 90% say they feel more secure since purchasing the SHS,

2. 12% of households undertake more economic activities thanks to their SHS,

3.94 percent of households report that their quality of life has improved since purchasing the SHS,

4. 66% of clients say their children have more time for homework,

5. 11% of households generate additional income once they buy an SHS,

6. Households create an additional 66 USD per month on average among income generating households,

7. SHS helps households work longer hours or start new activities. Overall, this additional work translates into 4 FTE jobs for 100 SHS sold,

8. For 61 percent of households, EDM is a back-up of the network.

Viraj Gada, GOGLA Regional Representative in India, said: “The Powering Opportunities in South Asia report shows that, even with the impressive progress made by the Indian government in increasing access to the grid, small-scale solar power continues. to play an important role for Indian households. Although a majority of customers use their solar home systems as a backup to the central grid, the additional energy security and power provided by the systems improves the quality of life and opens up economic opportunities for people living in rural and remote areas.

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