IKEA’s smart city project reinvents the design of the home of the future

This summer, IKEA explored the future of the home and the urban spaces we share by collaborating with the H22 City Expo, held from May to July in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Partner of the big urban exhibition, IKEA organized exhibitions and events at two locations in Sweden: Store 405 with Skogen in Oceanhamnen and DM in Drottninghög. These included a modular, transportable forest with flat dwellings, an IKEA shopping center with home design products from the company, and a series of 60 short home documentaries in different countries.

“Working closely with the city and the local community, we have created unique meeting places for H22 City Expo, and we are exploring the future of living at home, inside and outside the four walls. “, says Belén Frau, head of global communications at Ingka Group, IKEA’s holding company. “We want to test and learn how to lay the foundations on which locally relevant initiatives and activities can be scaled up and then transferred to other Ingka Group markets.”

The name of the event in the Drottninghög, DM area, stands for Do More, which is a brand powered by Ingka Group that is testing a new business model for community engagement. It is a multipurpose market with pop-up stores, markets, urban farms, a food court, events, school activities, and a hangout and hangout.

“We hope that DM, along with our other meeting points, will be a positive force in the local community, creating jobs and giving residents the opportunity to create and be together,” said Fredrik Håkansson Lundh, Regional Manager , IKEA Retail Sweden.

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