Improve Your Home Security with July’s Lorex Flash Sale

Looking to bring your home security setup into the 21st century? Modern smart technology has made it easier than ever for people to take control of their home security, but it can be a little confusing to know where to start. A bargain is always a good start, though, and through the end of July, Lorex is running a flash sale offering huge discounts on security cameras and more. If you’re ready to take control of your home security, gain peace of mind and save money, read on.

Lorex is a leading manufacturer of some of the best home security technology on the market today. Its catalog includes a wide range of smart home devices, and hubs to projectors and . Lorex makes some of the best outdoor security cameras, like its with the being one of the best night vision security cameras to keep your eyes on your property after dark thanks to its unmatched range and 4K recording capabilities.

Indoor and outdoor cameras are the bread and butter of the Lorex brand, but you need more than these for a complete smart home security ecosystem. Fortunately, Lorex has everything you need, including for windows and doors, as well as motion detectors that can activate your security devices when they detect movement. Lorex also offers all you need to install and fully customize your home security setup.

The Lorex Black Friday flash sale in July has a huge selection of smart home security devices and accessories right now. If everything is a bit overwhelming, then a good place to start is with these , many of which are discounted. You can score a set of cameras and essentials like DVR recorders to get you started, then branch out and figure out what you might need to secure your castle.

Also be sure to check out the , which cuts the price by up to 50% on a wide variety of cameras and other home security equipment. See a security system you like that isn’t on sale? Don’t worry: use the code JULYTBF25 at checkout to knock 25% off the price. Hurry, though, because the Lorex flash sale ends in July, so you have less than a week left to shop.

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