Interior Design Ideas: Decorating a Living Room in an Open Floor Plan

Friends of John Bradfield hired him to transform the empty living room of their historic South End triplex into a warm, bright and inviting space. “The owners are creative and intellectual, so I wanted to make it interesting and clever, with a mix of shapes and layers of textured finishes,” says the designer. The layout also had to remain open enough to facilitate circulation between adjacent spaces. With the living room transformed into a cocktail haven, Bradfield moved on to designs elsewhere in the house. “Once you decorate a room, there’s a domino effect,” he says. “This show was the catalyst.”

1 The Phase Design chair brings interest to the dining room from behind. Bouclé seat cushions and a black and gold marble side table complement the overall palette while incorporating shades and textures.

2 After two fiddle-leaf fig trees died while the couple were traveling, they settled on a scythe. The Japanese Rain Barrel Planter is from Artefact Home | Garden in the south.

3 The couple commissioned works of art from Daniel Gastaud during a visit to his Paris studio. “We knew it would bring a pop of color,” says Bradfield.

4 The organic feel of the Oly Studio Bubble Chandelier is harmonious with the curvy shapes of the room and instills a dreamy feel.

5 The Arteriors Home Velvet Sofa inspired the color palette. “Curved silhouettes aid in flow, which is important when furniture floats,” says Bradfield. Cocktail tables work close together or apart.

6 “With so many right angles, like the pediments above the windows, the softness is nice,” says Bradfield of the rounded-back, tufted chairs.

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