Interior design ideas: the next best thing to an outdoor shower in an indoor bathroom

A shower with a glass wall and an opening skylight helps bring light and air into the shower in this master bathroom.Joe Fratoni

Architect Aaron Weinert’s clients hoped to incorporate an outdoor shower into the new master tub of their mid-century modern Swampscott home. Although it’s not in the cards, the director of Studio DRAW has designed the next best thing: a shower with a glass wall and an opening skylight. The owner “wanted to see the trees and the light and feel the air flowing through it,” Weinert says.

1 The heating and cooling vent is integrated into the toe kick of the custom beech wood vanity, which has touch latch doors. “It’s a seamless, hands-free design,” says Studio DRAW Architectural Designer Joe Fratoni.

2 Although there is not enough space for double sinks, the hollow sink allows two people to use it simultaneously. The green veining of the marble counter reinforces the color of the trees.

3 A large mirror under the new transom bounces light around the room, makes the space appear larger and reflects the outdoors.

4 Beech wood panels line the deep shaft where an opening skylight lets in fresh air and sounds from outside. “Wood bathes the shower in golden light,” says Weinert.

5 A rainfall showerhead and river stone floor tiling mimic the feel of showering outside. The dynamic gray and gold veins of the Carrara marble mosaic wall tile add texture and visual interest.

6 The team replaced the massive exterior wall with three fixed window panels. The main one is frosted for more privacy. An old laundry chute has given way to a towel niche and a bench.

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