Interior design: “It’s bolder than a working room. It is a feast for the eyes.

Sarah Henley’s client wanted a stylish entertaining space that belied the origins of the Needham house spec house. “She’s a ‘Let’s make it look like us! type of person,” explains the director of Henley Design. The fact that the room was visible from the entrance and open to the dining room made Henley’s mission all the more critical. Using prints from independent design studios and furniture in bold silhouettes, Henley crafted a scheme that her client is thrilled to show off. “It’s more daring than a working room,” she says. “It’s a feast for the eyes.”

1 The sisal rug provides a neutral base that ties into the grass fabric wallcovering in the adjacent dining area. “I love the juxtaposition of the three-dimensional geometric pattern with the rounded silhouettes of the piece,” says Henley.

2 The square shape and dark color of the chairs anchor the room and separate it from the dining area without blocking the line of sight between the spaces. “Comfortable velor upholstery creates a luxury living room vibe,” says Henley.

3 The 1970s vibe of the CB2 console looks playful against the traditional architecture of the room. “It can be used as a bar or a place to prepare food, or be designed to be a dramatic focal point,” says Henley. “This is the view from the lobby, so I wanted a powerful vignette.”

4 Mary Maguire butterfly prints pop across the wallpaper’s small-scale water lily motif, while jewel shapes and tones match it.

5 Henley added Zak+Fox’s Nymphaea wallpaper, hanging it between the wainscoting, which she added to the lower part of the wall, and the ceiling.

6 The curvaceous Vladimir Kagan-inspired sofa softens the angular bay window at the front of the house and allows circulation behind it. The olive greens and rich plum color of the Erika Powell and Rule of Three printed linen cushions contrast with the light upholstery.

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