Italian second-hand home design market Deesup raises €1.4m to fuel international expansion plans

By settling into a new home myself, I can witness first hand the sheer volume of used home furniture available on one of the many ‘classifieds’ platforms. The problem with these services is, quite frankly, there’s a whole lot of crap to sift through. Add to that the nightmare of transporting, say, a bed frame, from one side of London to the other, and quite often the price just isn’t worth it, when I could just order from a retailer that makes awesome meatballs. as well, and have it delivered to my door. The problem with this option is that I am now contributing to the global issue of sustainability.

Milan-based start-up Deesup is tackling this problem head-on and offering an organized (read: junk-free) marketplace for home furnishings listed by private and professional sellers. Once sold, the startup then takes care of the logistics, getting this new treasure to your doorstep. As such, they have just raised €1.4m in a Series A round, now bringing their total funding to around €3.9m.

Deesup has over 100 partners within its marketplace and during 2021 sales figures have doubled compared to the previous year, with an average purchase north of €900.

The new financing will help Deesup pursue its international expansion plans and consolidate its positions in Italy, Germany, France and the Benelux region.

While the company offers a number of continental European shipping options, the UK presence is lacking. Perhaps it could have something to do with similar deals platform Vinterior which recently raised £8m?

Deesup’s new funding was provided by an assortment of investors, including Alicrowd Fund, LVenture Group, Club degli Investitori, Doorway and LifeGate, among others.

“Deesup has grown steadily globally over the years, bringing high-end Italian design abroad, where an ever-increasing percentage of the volumes generated by the startup come from,” commented Luigi Mastromonaco. of the Venture Group. “Their business model reflects our ESG-oriented vision since it is based on the circular economy, which promotes the second life of design objects. This new cycle and the growing trend of the second-hand market will further accelerate the expansion of the startup internationally, also thanks to a very competent team.

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