Keep an eye on you with a home security subscription that comes with a live guard

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Homes are meant to be sanctuaries – safe areas where we can rest and play without fear of danger or harm. In the unpredictable world we live in, a solid home security system can provide much-needed security and convenience. Make sure your home is protected from break-ins and intruders with a Home Security 1 Cam Kit with a Live Guard Subscription from Deep Sentinel.

This security system tackles potential invaders with a multi-pronged approach. A 24/7 camera feed monitors your yard or porch. AI technology synthesizes what it sees, identifying unusual activity when it may be occurring. When the AI ​​finds something out of the ordinary, it alerts a live guard, a real person who will check the stream. If there is an intruder or disturbance, live guards can use two-way audio to chat with whoever is there and call the police if needed.

In addition to traditional approaches like alarms and cameras, Deep Sentinel can help keep your home safe with its advanced technology and fast response times. Let it be your eyes and ears so you can fall asleep at night and leave home knowing your family, pets and belongings are safe and sound.

Deep Sentinel is widely recognized for its holistic view of home security. This system was presented in VentureBeat, consumer reports, CBS, fast businessand Forbes with prizes including one PCMag Editors’ Choice and Technology hive 2019 Editors’ Choice. called it “proactive home security that combines AI and human intervention to monitor your home.”

Invest in a system that combines the power of AI technology and real human eyes to monitor your home when you’re away. The Deep Sentinel Home Security Camera Kit 1 with Live Guard Subscription is on sale for $359. The subscription, which includes a live guard watching over you, costs $60 per month, with the first month free. Cover your bases and protect your home with the only home security camera with live guards included.

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