Lake | Flato announced the launch of modular home company HiFAB

Lake | Flato Architects, a Lone Star State firm hailed for its enthusiastic embrace of sustainable design practices and emerging building technologies, is embarking on full modularity in partnership with a just-announced manufactured home construction company named HiFAB .

Launched by Dallas-based real estate development and investment firm Oaxaca Interests, HiFAB recently launched its studio and manufacturing facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, focused on producing manufactured homes designed by Lake | Flato, known as Haciendas. The durable, feasible and fully customizable modular homes manufactured at HiFAB’s 7-acre production facility located in the City of Grand Prairie will be available to both private buyers and developers. For now, Haciendas will be exclusively available for pre-order in Texas, where Oaxaca Interests and Lake | Flato tested modular adobes for the first time in a residential development in Dallas. HiFAB homes will officially hit the market in the first quarter of 2023.

“Lake | Flato’s early home designs offered clients creative and economical ways to connect with the outdoors,” said Ted Flato, founding partner of Lake | Flato and a board member of HiFAB, in a statement. “They were inherently sustainable, drawing inspiration from their surroundings by combining passive systems, natural materials and local building traditions to create uniquely designed residences. Almost 40 years later, we are excited to continue this tradition of thoughtful design and construction by partnering with HiFAB on its initial product line, Haciendas. With Oaxaca’s expansion into prefabrication with HiFAB, we’re leveraging new technology to reach a wider audience through streamlined, scalable options that express those same enduring qualities of nature, place, and restraint.

(Courtesy of HiFAB)

HiFAB homes come in two sizes, each with three different available floor plans: Studios, two-bedroom/two-bathroom units starting at $249,000, and Standard, three-bedroom/two-bedroom homes. bathrooms starting at $375,000. Prices include design, assembly, delivery and on-site installation. Harnessing “interactive technology” that allows consumers to “customize their homes and watch the construction process start to finish online,” including the selection of finishes, tiles, and more, the homes are, as mentioned , highly durable and feature ultraviolet light air purification systems, fresh air exchange systems, True Zero VOC paints and other materials that are healthy for the planet and home occupants. The fast, high-efficiency prefabricated home construction process itself is inherently sustainable as HiFAB is able to avoid the waste associated with conventional stick construction.

HiFAB ultimately hopes to produce more than 300 homes per year at the new factory in Grand Prairie. This, in turn, will “bring more homes online faster while positively impacting the community through the delivery of well-designed accessible homes,” the company said in its announcement.

“With HiFAB, we hope to lead the modular home industry in Texas,” Oaxaca Interests and HiFAB founder Brent Jackson added in a statement. “By collaborating with Lake|Flato again, we will be able to provide people with highly designed, yet functional homes that will be produced in our seven-acre factory.” On that note, much like the pre-engineered single-family homes built on its land, the Grand Prairie manufacturing facility also emphasizes wellness by providing employees with a “light-filled biophilic environment,” “stretch- in-house therapists to help with stress relief and other benefits.

A will return when the first HiFAB homes designed by Lake | Flato will hit the market early next year.

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