Masonite reveals top interior and interior design trends


TAMPA, Florida – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –International Masonite Society (NYSE: DOOR) today revealed the trends it believes will influence home design in 2021 and beyond. Research conducted in partnership with trend watch agency Stylus identified four key themes: concern for the environment and the need for adaptive spaces, a home sanctuary and intuitive design.

“Our lives have changed dramatically over the past year, ”said Jennifer Renaud, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Masonite,“and these changes have had a direct impact on what families want, need and expect in their homes. This information will inform Masonite’s ongoing product innovations as we continue to develop doors that further improve the way homeowners use and experience their spaces.

Trends to watch in home design


Regenerate: Concern for the environment and the desire to support local communities lead to a preference for sustainable materials of local origin. The refreshed interiors and exteriors will consist of worked details, improved texture, warm earthy hues and minimalist patterns. The colors of Regenerate are moody, yet soothing and heartwarming in their earthy character. Muted marigold and dusty burgundy refer to organic minerals and the warmth of the southwest, while forest green and tea green evoke images of lush vegetation. Reclaimed materials and finishes will add warmth and include visible wood grains, mixed woods, hot metals, natural textiles and recycled aggregates like crushed cement.


Adapt: The pandemic has revolutionized the way homeowners use their spaces, which now function as offices, schools, gyms and more. The result is a need for zoned spaces, multifunctional furniture and decor that is both practical and contemporary. The pandemic has also changed the way people feel inside their homes. Safety and security are a priority, from secure locking systems to sanitized surfaces. Cool colors are the hallmark of the Adapt trend, from smoky slate to dusty pink and bright blue, complemented by bright teal and leafy green for a nod to nature. The Adapt trend will manifest itself in adaptable elements, natural light, industrial materials, simple shapes and cheerful geos.


Sanctuary of the house: As people spend more time at home than ever before, creating a comfortable home sanctuary will continue to be key. The spaces of the sanctuary are filled with natural pigments and neutral tones to avoid overloading the eye. Colors such as soft gray, buttery yellow, and misty beige balance the striking lavender gray and faded terracotta. Natural materials like rattan, tactile surfaces and smooth edges add a soothing and pleasant texture. The spaces have an overall sense of minimalist design, with bold, large-scale geometry and comfortable, generously proportioned furniture. With careful details to add character, the overall effect is calming, restful and peaceful. The Home Sanctuary trend will come to life with such elements as wood slats, wide stripes, sculptural curved furniture, hand-drawn lines, woven grasses, and sculptural and stained wood.


Intuitive welcome: This trend aims to make the future less intimidating and more intuitive, creating a secure and peaceful atmosphere that takes ergonomics and comfort into account in the design. Everything is designed with aesthetics and technology in mind, and most importantly, the home maintains a cohesive look and feel. The intuitive home allows technology to improve the home without disrupting it. This palette calms and stimulates, mixing several warm hues – a burnt orange, a buttermilk yellow, and a sand beige – with cooler colors such as icy gray, plum purple, and deep ombre teal. Intuitive homes will feature weathered metal, changing colors, geometric grids, textural contrast, pale brick, and tone-on-tone.

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