Modern house design renovation with indoor and outdoor living

Home renovations are not for the faint of heart – the chaos of construction, the constant flow of people coming in and out of your home, time and so much money. But in the end, it can be worth the hassle when you have a custom modern home design for you. When Santa Barbara-based interior designer Jessica Risko Smith, founder of JRS Interior Design, was tasked with completely gutting a 1950s home in her area, she paid close attention to the architecture of the home. (which traditionally leaned) and worked with the architect to design a modern house. house with natural and comfortable materials faithful to its California-inspired aesthetic.

This stylish renovation shines a light on modern home design

“The owners had a much more traditional style when we first started working together, and they were eager to try something a little different,” Jessica said. “It was fun to push them a bit out of their comfort zone and see what made them excited.”

Some of the structural changes included additional pantry space next to the kitchen and working in this new island. An additional bedroom created a courtyard feel at the back of the house. (The backyard also has a pool and fire pit for true outdoor living.)

kitchen decor

Of course, not everyone has the budget to completely transform their home. But what inspires us in this renovation are the details, like the addition of handmade pottery by their teenage daughter, the conscious use of fabrics and wallpapers (including many of our favorite Schumacher), and the choices designs that connect the interior to the exterior.

outdoor space

“The goal was to create an indoor-outdoor connection with enough space to entertain, relax and spend time with friends and family,” Jessica said. Mission accomplished. “We gave things a little more edge and took a more modern approach.” It’s hard to tell where inside and out meet, thanks to the double counters and similar materials and textures used throughout.

living room decor

“A great way to connect indoors and outdoors is to incorporate a natural color palette with a cohesive sense of flow,” Jessica said. This meant bringing the outdoor sandstone fireplace to the living room fireplace, for example.

natural bedroom

Mmm… dream bedroom details. Jessica describes her style as a California-inspired elevated design with modified restraint. Accents like art, fixtures, lighting, and a mix of textures create a rich overall design that looks visually interesting but not overpowering.

bedroom decor

“We wanted everything in the house to be usable every day while incorporating personal touches into the design,” Jessica said.

dining room decor

Personal details like their daughter’s pottery and handmade pottery from Emily Brown Ceramics (sourced from Dekor Living in Ojai, CA) complement the owner’s traditional wedding china. The dining table and chandelier in the bedroom above are from Matthew Fairbank Design. These comfortable dining chairs are from Thomas Lavin. We love the range of colors and neutral tones that make the decor look clean and luxurious, not flat.

bathroom design

The Schumacher Queen of Spain wallpaper is one of the most whimsical features of an otherwise sophisticated home. We have never come across a powder room wallpaper that we didn’t like! It’s a great space to really stand out and not invest too much in a dramatic look.

entrance design

Thank you Jessica!

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