Osinbajo today launches ESP solar home systems in Jigawa



Professor Yemi Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, will today launch the Naija solar power program in Jigawa State starting with the community of Jangefe which will get 1,000 solar home systems.

The event is part of the continuation of the economic sustainability plan put in place by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. The ESP is chaired by the Vice-President.

The installation in Jigawa is part of a 100,000 program with A-SOLAR, a local solar energy company implementing part of the 5 million connections planned by ESP Solar Power Naija across the country.

The Ministry of Energy, through the Rural Electrification Agency, is the executing agency for the 5 million off-grid solar connection program.

The program provides 140 billion naira of concessional financing from the Central Bank of Nigeria and commercial banks to off-grid developers to deploy mini-grids and solar home systems that will cost 3,000 naira per month (and more, depending on the type of system) to provide electricity to locations across the country.

Today’s event, reported by Osinbajo, will dramatically transform the availability of electricity in Jigawa City, as entrepreneurs will have easy access to electricity to keep their businesses running smoothly. The program will also benefit homeowners.

Jangefe, in the Kazaure emirate of Jigawa, will be the first site covered by the A-Solar company and will have 1,000 solar home systems installed in the community (covering approximately 5,000 citizens).

The community will pay monthly energy payments until the systems are fully paid for when there is a transfer of ownership to every consumer in the community.

Jangefe is a rural farming community that uses the water bodies around the region for agriculture all year round. Economic activity in Jangefe offers the possibility for the community to be fed and to pay for consumption.

A-Solar relied on the Roni LGA and the Kazaure Emirat Council to do mass outreach for an understanding of the use of the payment system and mechanisms.

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