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Millions of people love The Property Brothers and HGTV, but it looks like COVID-19 has now become the biggest influencer on home design trends.

As door-to-door orders have taken place around the world, a house has become much more than just a house. The house is now an office, a school, a gym and more. The pandemic has left a substantial mark on home design and changed the way homeowners want to live. This is not surprising since many design features of today’s homes, such as the powder room or the powder room near the front door, originated or became popular due to the efforts to prevent or slow the spread of disease at the start of the 20th century influenza pandemic.

Today, many are re-examining the function of the house, as once popular design elements have become less achievable.

As houses play a greater role in daily life, they will have to adapt in order to accommodate more activities and services. The commotion outside the house started as we began to emerge; However, the new reliance on the house will surely persist after the pandemic is over, and this experience will absolutely have implications for how houses will be designed in the future. Let’s talk about the essentials of a post-pandemic dream home!

welcome to the house

Entrances and changing rooms go from an interesting option to a necessity. Entrances will become clearly defined transition spaces that will allow removal and storage of footwear and outerwear immediately upon entry and the ability to wash or sanitize hands. Some homeowners even ask for a laundry room near the high traffic entrance that will allow clothes and masks to be placed directly in the washing machine before entering the house.

The great division

The walls and doors are back! The open floor plan will be reinvented as the demand for personal space has increased dramatically. Homeowners want more rooms, walls, doors and more privacy. Well celebrated for its entertainment value, the ever popular open plan floor plan will be done in a method that will give residents the best of both worlds, some room for privacy, while still providing an open mind. Houses should now be separated into more defined quiet and noisy areas for entertainment, learning and relaxation.

Set to work

Home offices have become coveted real estate. Families crammed around a kitchen table or sharing a desk for work and online learning are not sustainable for productivity. Today, more than ever, home builders and interior designers are being encouraged to set up designated workspaces.

Many new homes will be built with private home offices that will allow for proper seating, work surfaces, lighting, noise reduction and temperature control. In homes under renovation, we will see integrated offices, partitioned alcoves and other spaces transformed into workstations. Some homeowners transform rarely used formal spaces, such as a formal dining room or occasional sitting area, into a functional home office.

The home as a workspace has become the new normal. Whether it’s reconfiguring existing spaces or adding new square footage, a designated home work area will surely be in the plans.

To mix together

One room, many uses! Home buyers are looking for adaptable spaces that can be easily converted. Mixed or mixed use areas are a must. Homes will need designated spaces for more specific activities, such as reading, napping, physical activity and entertainment. Garages, for example, are planned and built for easy conversion into recreation rooms.

Builders add windows, facilitate connection or flow to other parts of the house, and install fixtures that will enable future plumbing and HVAC capabilities. What 3-4 functions can this part be used for? This is the burning question!

One room, many uses!

Be well

COVID-19 has influenced a greater emphasis on health and well-being in the home. The design-build industry has incorporated elements of the home that help focus on improving health, spirit, and well-being. Do homebuilding, renovations and wellness have anything in common? Absoutely! Home has a major impact on your health and well-being.

From the materials chosen to build, the layout and fluidity of the spaces, the placement of the windows, and even the lighting plays a role in health, happiness and longevity. This emphasis on well-being has also increased awareness of a necessary space within the home to disconnect. Presentation of the wellness area! Owners are looking for a simple place where they can relax.

These are spaces designed with sanity in mind. The wellness room is often meant to provide a break from technology and invites everything from yoga and sound therapy to meditation and massage. The goal is to create a welcoming and comfortable retreat that allows you to get away from it all and relax at home.

Out and about

It’s a fact that outdoor living and recreation spaces can help quell cabin fever, so it’s no surprise that locals are expanding the use of their outdoor spaces at home. Creating an outdoor entertainment space has become more than just cultivating a pretty garden, but rather a health necessity. It looks like the yard has become the new family room, especially after a pandemic.

Builders are adding outdoor amenities to homes as homeowners look to host small gatherings, movie nights, and even family camping. They want to create a real outdoor living space that really brings the feeling of comfort from inside to the terrace or patio. With this, we see a demand for outdoor kitchens, installation of radiators, outdoor fireplaces, heated floors on porches and other features such as fireplaces. Need additional living space? He could be right there in the yard.

After a full year spent at home, it’s no surprise that home design trends are shifting towards a focus on function, health, and adaptability like never before. Things may not go back to how they were before and that is certainly not a bad thing. The pandemic has forced us to reconsider our way of living and building in the future. The need for well-designed, healthy homes that function well for the whole family has been and always will be essential.

Don Ricardo Massenburg Jr.

Known for his use of lush layered bedding and lavish textiles in interior design, Don Ricardo Massenburg Jr. is the creative force behind DESiGN iNKREDiBLE LLC, a sought-after interior design company based in Durham, North Carolina. Don Ricardo’s portfolio of bold and bright interior projects can be seen at and on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @designinkredible.

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