SimpliSafe Solves the Biggest Home Security Challenges and Wants You to Join Them

After taking a close look at the offerings from home security system company SimpliSafe, you might think they’ve thought of everything. Its advanced technology allows users to detect more than just intruders with sensors that detect leaks, floods and fires. In situations that require a discreet response, for users with optional professional monitoring, a duress pin discreetly notifies authorities if a system has been forcibly disarmed. It can even distinguish between pets and humans to prevent a steady stream of unwanted motion detection alerts when you’re away and Fido is playing…and playing, and playing.

Although it’s established itself as a customer favorite thanks to thousands of reviews and numerous accolades – including being named the best overall home security system of 2022 by US News & World Report – SimpliSafe doesn’t is not an organization that is content to rest on its laurels, especially when the real estate market is feverish and demand for smart technologies that enhance buyers’ most valuable asset is at an all-time high. A report published by last year revealed that safety and security was the top reason, after convenience, why 7 out of 10 homebuyers were looking for smart homes.

As demand for SimpliSafe’s products increases, its team of passionate engineers – including computer scientists, electrical and mechanical engineers – work together behind the scenes to ensure that SimpliSafe uses the full potential of the latest technologies available to give the pace of innovation in the space while continuing to fulfill its mission to keep every home safe.

What are the main challenges for the team?


The majority of consumer-facing technologies today use a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand end-user preferences and adjust the information provided accordingly, but SimpliSafe has no interest in making product recommendations. purchase based on previous purchases and to suggest docuseries due to similarly consumed content. . SimpliSafe strives to solve some of the toughest home security issues.

With customers always in mind, the goal of SimpliSafe engineers is to introduce new features that combine the features customers want with those that can protect them. SimpliSafe’s ability to distinguish between a delivery vehicle and a school bus as it pulls into your driveway, for example, would bring peace of mind to a working parent, alerting them that their child has made it home safely. from school. Being able to determine a fall and resulting injuries by differentiating the occurrence of a standard motion could trigger an alert to emergency services and deploy informed notification to family members. These are just a few of the many opportunities imagined by our engineers.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to improving its capabilities, but priority projects are those that will be most meaningful to the 4 million Americans we help protect.


SimpliSafe faces a unique challenge that goes hand in hand with mass adoption: how to manage the traffic associated with the data of millions of people, each using its services for different reasons at varying frequencies. Most IoT companies that ingest and learn from customer data use multiple servers to store the information at hand, closing server connections after retrieving the necessary information. SimpliSafe constantly communicates with users, and being able to quickly escalate alerts to customers requires each user to have their own server.

As consumer preference for smart security grows, SimpliSafe engineers are working on load-balancing algorithms that efficiently manage single-server traffic. Doing it effectively could mean a marked difference in response times and results.

The integration

In addition to staying at the forefront of innovation and successfully scaling, SimpliSafe must work seamlessly with the monitoring centers it partners with – complex groups that dispatch police, fire and other services emergency – to ensure clear communications and rapid response.

SimpliSafe also aims to develop its own internal monitoring centers – an ambitious but noble goal that it is working towards quickly. Full integration (in line with Apple and Tesla) would mean that SimpliSafe owns the experience it offers its nut soup customers. More importantly, it means that SimpliSafe will be able to do even more to keep every home safe.

SimpliSafe plans to hire up to 100 engineers over the next year for a number of positions, including positions at its future state-of-the-art headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Visit the company careers page to learn more.

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