Smart home company acquires high-end cabinetry company

MINNEAPOLIS — Revience Corp. acquired Vetsch Custom Cabinetry, both in Albertville, Mn.

For over 40 years, Vetsch Custom Cabinetry has operated in Minnesota with Dave Vetsch at the helm.

“As I prepared to retire, I wanted Vetsch Custom Cabinets to be in the hands of a strategic new owner who would retain the know-how while engaging with market trends, which ultimately account, would grow the business,” he said.

Vetsch’s wish was granted when the company was acquired by Revience, which will offer the same beautiful cabinetry along with full home design and integration services. Vesch said.

Revience brings together smart home technology, space and energy management, lighting and cabinetry to adapt a home to a family’s lifestyle. Going forward, the company will acquire other assets and invest in developments as it seeks to create a portfolio of businesses that provide a more personalized home experience.

“Our goal is to reinvent traditional industries with innovative solutions,” said Kurt Gonyea, president of Revience. “As people spend time at home, they are looking for more responsive, practical and fashionable wardrobe options, versatile pieces and smart, energy-efficient homes. We are here to meet that need. .”

The acquisitions position Revience as a multifunctional solution for homeowners, general contractors, architects and designers who prefer to partner with a central supplier rather than sourcing from a multitude of options.

“We develop products and acquire businesses to help homeowners create a custom space to match their lifestyle and be that one-stop-shop for trades as they design, build and renovate homes,” Gonyea added.

This new approach allows for increased modernization and customization of home design, making day-to-day home activities easier, as well as a beautiful, streamlined aesthetic.

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