Tessa Prieto-Valdes rekindles her love for interior design with Wilcon Depot


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) – Curious about how trendy interior designer and lifestyle columnist Tessa Prieto-Valdes is doing?

In CNN Philippines’ “Life at Home”, she spoke about how her typical day goes, including stepping on the pedals on her stationary bike to get in shape and practicing yoga for her mental well-being.

“Everything is a state of mind, everything is a question of perspective. We can dwell on the negative things that the pandemic has brought, but then if we go through all the important things that have happened, it really was a big wake-up call, ”she said.

Prieto-Valdes added that she now devotes more time to her family and plans to rediscover the hidden gems of Siargao, the favorite surf spot of her and her daughter. She calls this period of personal enlightenment her “new chapter”.

But while traveling isn’t usually safe just yet, she rekindles her love for home decor by upgrading her playroom where she does yoga and enjoys tea time. An interior designer herself, she quickly traveled to Wilcon Depot, the nation’s leading supplier of home essentials.

“I’m so excited to have been able to do my shopping at Wilcon Depot, where they have a lot of accessories. I believe anything can be improved even as little as a new paint, accessories and everything, ”she recalls with a megawatt smile.

Within two days, a truck full of her items arrived at her house and she immediately remodeled her playroom. Among the things she bought was a sturdy wine table for refreshments and a classic blue chair that gives off a ‘bring the inside out’ vibe.

“For this new chapter, this new life, I want to be the new energy here,” Prieto-Valdes said. “You have to feel that the sun is inside your house and what better way to do that than by adding new furniture.

With the help of Wilcon Depot, she also found a perfect art deco painting and a mirror frame to add to her white wall. She also loves a booth she bought from Wilcon Depot that showcases the eye-catching little accessories she found in the store.

“You don’t have to spend that much to make a difference in your home. Little touches here and there really bring out a little bit of light, ”she shared.

In case you missed it, watch the full episode of “Life at Home” below.

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