The best decorating and interior apps to help you redecorate without leaving the house



Redecorating can be a real joy, and a source of real tears.

Even people with the clearest visions for a home overhaul can be bogged down by the seemingly limitless options for colors, furnishings, and layouts.

Hiring a professional to take care of the delicate and boring parts is not always an option either. But like most things in our tech-driven world, if you’re looking for some help and are willing to do the job yourself, there’s an app for it.

Whether you’re planning a head-to-toe makeover or want to repaint just one wall, there is a range of free and inexpensive home decor and decorating apps that will simplify the process, all from the palm of your hand. your hand. . Which is especially useful if you’re stuck without your DIY supplies.

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Pinterest and Instagram

To free.

We would be remiss if we didn’t start this list with GOs.

With millions of photos to sort through, even the most specific keywords (orange velvet sofa from the 70s, anyone?)

One of the most frustrating parts of half-world shopping and style is not being able to get your hands on the items you spot online. But luckily, the ‘gram is home to a plethora of local design inspirations and the truth about local vendors.

Start adding a few of these used design experts to your watchlist and soon you’ll be up to date on all of the hottest pieces and where to find them.

Resene DecoratAR

To free.

Resene has developed an app using AR technology, which allows you to try paint colors at home before you start painting, and she can also find the closest color to things that are already in your surroundings.

Think of it as the reno equivalent of Pokémon Go.

To color your walls in seconds, place your device in front of the wall you’re trying to test. Select the color you want and tap the area of ​​your image that you want to paint. The app will virtually paint it for you.

You don’t like the color? Pick a different shade from the same family, or something entirely new, and try again. It’s a way to save a million test jars (especially good for the undecided guys – you know who you are).

Once you’ve landed on a few finals, Resene recommends ordering a few actual test posts and looking at the wall, just to make sure.

Finally, if you’re having trouble figuring out how much paint you’ll need to complete your project, don’t stress. The app can also calculate this for you.


To free.

Houzz is a massive online community for architecture, interior design, and decorating.


Houzz is a massive online community for architecture, interior design, and decorating.

Houzz is a massive online community for architecture, interior design, and decorating.

Navigating a platform with so many features can be a bit overwhelming, but there are a few key features worth tapping into.

First of all, brainstorm. Houzz has over 20 million high-resolution photos of professionally designed interiors and exteriors that you can filter by style, room, color – basically whatever you want.

You can save and share photos with friends, family, and home professionals using “Ideabooks,” which are no different from a Pinterest board.

Houzz is also integrated with the Resene Color Picker tool, so if you see a shade of color you like in a photo on the rig – whether it’s on a wall, cabinet, or anywhere in the photo – you can match it. to the nearest Resene paint shade.

And if you decide to hire a professional, you can browse the portfolios of architects, builders, and designers nearby.

Kmart ‘seen in your space’

To free. Open the Kmart website in your phone’s web browser.

Some furniture and housewares on the Kmart website have an augmented reality option that places them virtually in your home.


Some furniture and housewares on the Kmart website have an augmented reality option that places them virtually in your home.

While we can argue that a truly satisfying Kmart experience is only possible in person, one savvy website buyer has noticed an additional feature that makes it easier to try before you buy.

Rangihuia Woods was shocked to discover the augmented reality feature as she looked to purchase a $ 29 hallway table and posted a TikTok video demonstrating how it works.

“I just wanted to show you guys to see if I’m the only one who doesn’t know about this,” she said in the clip.

Using AR technology, Woods uses his phone to virtually place the side table against a wall in his hallway: “So you can use it on your phone and you can place it in your house!” What the hell? ”She exclaims.


To free.

Choosing colors and furniture is fun. Design a floor plan and measure stuff? Less then. Unfortunately, redesigning a home is not just a matter of aesthetics. It starts with non-sexy logistics like making sure everything on your wishlist will actually fit.

This is where MagicPlan comes in.

The app takes photos of your space and converts them into floor plans with precise measurements. For an additional fee, these plans can be exported to PDF, JPG and DXF formats for sharing with contractors, designers or real estate agents

I-Handy Leveler and Carpenter

The the leveler is free; carpenter is $ 3.49.

The leveler is a handy app which is perfect for hanging photos or artwork.

It works like a leveler, making sure surfaces are straight, but it’s a more manageable size that you can just put in your pocket when you’re done.

No toolbox? No problem. The carpenter app is a digital version of all the basics: a plumb line, spirit level bar, steel protractor, steel ruler (inches and centimeters) and level.

This article was produced in partnership with Resene. Learn more about our partnership content here.


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