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Herman Miller Recycled Eames Molded Plastic Chair


When Charles and Ray Eames first introduced their molded fiberglass chairs in 1950, using recycled materials wasn’t really a consideration for, well, anyone. But times have changed, and so have iconic chairs. Over the years, fiberglass has been phased out in favor of plastic, and now Herman Miller has introduced another milestone to the range by manufacturing its Eames Molded Plastic Chairs from 100% recycled plastic.

The new recycled make-up encompasses Herman Miller’s entire catalog of Eames Shell chairs, resulting in a huge carbon reduction of 15% per year for the line. And to further mark the occasion, the brand is launching nine new colorways of the ubiquitous seats, including Evergreen, Cocoa and Deep Yellow. Priced at $295, the chairs are available from Herman Miller’s online store.

Price: $275


Dometic pull-up bar

wine drawer pull with champagne bottles


If you’ve always dreamed of installing a wine cellar in your kitchen but never had the space, Dometic has good news for you. Cooling tech experts have launched the DrawBar, a one-of-a-kind wine cooler that fits in a standard two-foot-wide kitchen drawer.

With room for five bottles, the DrawBar uses Dometic cooling technology and a built-in humidity tray to keep your wine at the ideal temperature and environment, with five pre-programmed settings for whites, reds, sparkling wines, etc. You can even customize the drawer to match your existing cabinetry. Pricing for the DrawBar starts from $1,329, and you can inquire about getting one on the Dometic website.

Price: $1,329


East Fork x Diaspora: the sequel

chai tea set

East Fork

If you missed the latest quick-sell collaboration between East Fork and Diaspora Co., now is your chance to make it right. The trendy pottery brand and pioneer of single-origin spices is bringing back its Chai kit alongside an all-new Haldi Doodh beverage kit.

Each kit includes a masala pot and Madhur Jaggery Powder from Diaspora, a strainer and an East Fork Kulhad in one of two resurrected glazes: Pollen for the Haldi Doodh and Rococo for the Chai kit. Available in both East Fork and Diaspora, the price is set at $70 for the Haldi Doodh kit and $75 for the Chai kit, which includes a bonus bag of Chota Tingrai tea.

Price: $75


Outdoor Fellow Campfire Scented Candle

campfire candle


With Labor Day in our review mirror and summer giving way to fall, it’s time to start preparing for the colder weather ahead. And that includes how we scent our homes. Outdoor Fellow has us covered in this regard with its latest candle. Inspired by chilly nights around the campfire with friends and family, the Campfire Candle combines notes of sandalwood and white smoke with smoky amber, charred cedarwood and frankincense to create a scent warm and inviting autumn that wraps you like a cozy blanket.

Price: $32


Harpoon Dunkin’ Box O’ Beer

harpoon beer cans


For the fifth time, Boston beverage institutions Dunkin’ and Harpoon Brewery have come together for a beer collaboration inspired by coffee and baked goods. For the Fall 2022 release of Harpoon Dunkin’ Box O’ Beer, the brands are introducing three all-new flavors: Coffee Roll Cream Ale, Cold Brew Coffee Porter, and Hazelnut Blonde Stout. Also back by popular demand (or unpopular?) is the Pumpkin Spiced Latte Ale, which features a new recipe and is brewed with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, Dunkin cold brew and oat milk. for a creamy mouthfeel.

Whether you consider a PSL beer an ingenious evolution or a pure abomination, you’ll probably want to try it anyway. The Harpoon Dunkin’ Box O’ Beer mix pack contains three cans of each flavor and can be found using Harpoon’s online beer search engine.

Price: To be determined


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