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Holy Grail Steak Co. Ogata Farm Maezawa Beef

Holy Grail Steak Co.

Holy Grail Steak Co. – one of the best places to buy meat online – is bringing Japanese Maezawa beef from Ogata Farm in Japan’s Iwate Prefecture to the United States, marking the first time Americans will be able to get rare beef in the United States. This incredibly rare beef is one of the most restricted wagyu beef in the world, so it’s a huge deal that Holy Grail Steak Co. carries it.

The heavily marbled beef tastes incredibly buttery, thanks to the fact that Maezawa cows are fed beer, whiskey, tofu, honey and soybeans. Head over to Holy Grail Steak Co. now to choose from three cuts of Maezawa beef: tenderloin, New York striploin, and ribeye.

Price: $129+


Coway Airmega icon

coway airmega icon


As Coway offers more and more air purifiers, they seem to get better and better. It started with the Coway Airmega 150, and the trend continues with the brand’s latest Airmega Icon.

This latest air purifier was designed in conjunction with fuseproject, a world-renowned design firm, which applied its design sensibilities to the Icon. The air purifier uses a touch screen, which sits above the air purifier, and with its real-time air quality indicator, you can easily tell how clean your air is with the color-coded display that lights up from the top of the device. (Perhaps the most interesting part of the device: that the touchscreen doubles as a wireless charger.)

When it comes to its actual air-purifying capabilities, the Icon has 649 square feet of coverage thanks to its three-stage filtering system. The brand records its clean air delivery ratings at 173 for smoke, 194 for dust and 235 for pollen. You don’t know what that means? No worries, because you can set the icon to smart mode and let it do all the work.

Price: $649


kitchen bowls

material kitchen bowls


Following a successful ceramic launch earlier this year, Material Kitchen is adding two new bowls to the range. The first is the Bap Bowl (bap is Korean for rice), which, as the name suggests, serves as the perfect container for rice. The second bowl is the slightly larger breakfast bowl, which fits just about anything. The new bowls are hand-launched by the Soil Baker brand, founded by Hye Rin Yang, who also shapes all of Material Kitchen’s other ceramics.

Price: $45+


Burrow Vesper lounge chair

vesper terrier lounge chair


If you buy one of Burrow’s new lounge chairs, called Vesper, you may never want to get up again. Burrow may have started making sofas, but every furniture launch since then has been a winner. The Vesper, which comes as a standalone chair or with a complementary ottoman, is an armless reclining chair, made with a molded plywood body (very mid-century modern like everything else Burrow does ). The chair, as the brand says, reclines in the perfect position to avoid putting too much pressure on any part of your body, and the ottoman follows suit so your knees don’t bend too much. The chair comes in one box and assembles literally in no time.

Price: $795+


Lunar Hard Seltzer Heritage Line: Sunset Edition

lunar hard seltzer heritage line sunset edition


Lunar makes some of the best hard seltzers (sorry, White Claw, Truly and the rest). The brand takes common Asian flavors and infuses them into hard seltzer, with its quirky lineup including flavors like yuzu and lychee. As part of AAPI Heritage Month, the brand’s founders – Sean Ro and Kevin Wong – are revisiting their Heritage line, in which Lunar develops exclusive flavors crafted in collaboration with iconic New York Asian restaurants.

This time, Lunar worked with Jeju Noodle Bar, a Michelin-starred restaurant; Win Son, James Beard Award finalist; and Bonnie’s, currently one of New York’s hottest new restaurants. For Jeju, Lunar developed Mint Omija, which Lunar calls “a summer version of traditional Korean omija-cha (schisandra berry tea) using a hint of fresh mint”; for Win Son, there is the Teresa Tang (named after a Taiwanese singer and known as the queen of Asian pop), which is a mixture of cranberry juice, cucumbers and spices; and for Bonnie’s, there’s Salted Kumquat, which brings that sweet and salty flavor of salty kumquats in the form of a hard seltzer.

    Price: $42


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