The best outdoor cameras for your home security

Your home security is important and seasonal sales are the perfect time to buy an outdoor security system.

Amazon offers discounts on security cameras for your home. (Plus Prime Day is just around the corner.) Walmart is also offering deep discounts on several departments over the 4th of July weekend, including tech and outdoor camera sets.

Here are some of the top-rated home security products, according to customers.

Customers report pictures this Blink from the outside the camera captures are high quality and the setup process is simple. The function of the camera is to record, view and save events while being able to access images from your Blink mobile app. There is a 30-day free trial of the Blink subscription plan and after that period customers can subscribe to Blink for $3 per month per camera, or $10 per month for unlimited cameras at one location .

Getting the best value for money is important for those who want to protect their home while staying within their budget. Fortunately, the opinions of Wyze Camera v3 report this version of the outdoor camera system has a wider viewing angle compared to previous models and improved night vision.

Ring doorbell cameras have changed the way the average consumer thinks about home security. This particular model offers enhanced motion detection. Buyers should be aware that the camera must be connected to WiFi and there are subscription fees based on the number Ring cameras you have.

Highlighted for its long battery life and clear quality, the Google Nest Cam has made its way into the list of best cameras. Amazon Reviews for Google Nest cameras, say the camera works with the Google Nest mobile app. This makes it easier for customers to manage and view footage recorded by the camera.

“The manual that comes in the box walks you through a 2-3 minute connection process,” wrote one reviewer. “Once logged in, using the app function is quite simple.” This security system may not be a well-known brand, but customers say it performs all the vital functions of an outdoor security camera at an affordable price. Those who review the product say they weren’t happy because it’s not 5G compatible.

This is considered the best camera for the less tech-savvy crowd. “I didn’t want to deal with the wiring [and] I didn’t want pure battery power so the Eufy solar S40 seemed like the right choice for us given the amount of sun our rear entry doors are getting,” wrote one reviewer.

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