The best smart home security products at CES 2022

The smart home section of CES is always worth checking out to see what exciting new technologies are brewing. For CES 2022, smart security in particular featured welcome innovations, including products that will seamlessly integrate with existing home security solutions from top brands like Arlo, Samsung, and more. Intelligent security is more competitive than ever, and the latest solution-oriented products are only good news for users interested in making improvements.

Let’s take a look at the security tech we found most promising at CES 2022, and why it’s worth keeping an eye out for as we wait for release dates.

Arlo Security System

Arlo offers many security system devices, but this new offering is an all-in-one solution for those who don’t want to mix and match. Instead, it uses a hub that acts as an arm/disarm device, along with unique multi-purpose sensors with eight different detection functions. This means you can place them just about anywhere and they can detect when doors are opened, leaks develop, smoke detectors sound, temperature changes, and more.

The system also syncs with any Arlo cameras you already own. The hub itself includes a siren and motion sensor, plus a neat NFC feature that means you can just tap your phone on the hub to disarm it rather than having to type in your security code.

Schlage Encode Plus Smart Deadbolt

Schlage Encode Plus with Apple Home Keys opened with Apple Watch.

Apple fans have been eagerly waiting to use Apple’s “home key” functionality for at least a year now, and we finally have a smart lock that supports it. Home Keys are Apple IDs you can create in the Home app that work with Apple Wallet, like Apple Pay. Just slide your phone over the lock and it unlocks automatically. Schlage’s sturdy deadbolt design also ensures that the lock cannot be simply forced open, making it a great choice for your front door. You can also create house key codes and give them to all guests, then delete them as you wish, or use Schlage’s own app if you prefer. Expect it to drop this spring.

Belkin Wemo Smart Video Doorbell

Belkin's Smart Video Doorbell on a rainy day.

We saw several new video doorbells at CES this year, and it’s no surprise that Belkin showed off one with its Wemo line of smart products. Belkin has expanded Wemo options over the past couple of years, and a video doorbell fits the bill perfectly. The company partners with Apple, which means it’s one of the few HomeKit-enabled doorbells that can send notifications to the Home app and upload videos to iCloud.

It’s also a very advanced doorbell, with a 4-megapixel camera that can zoom in for more detail, recognize faces and send smart notifications about what it thinks it’s spotted. The overall design draws a lot of inspiration from the Nest Video Doorbell, but note that it’s a wired doorbell and there’s no battery option at this time. You can pre-order it here for $250.

Eufy Dual Security Video Doorbell

A person presses the button on the Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual.

Video doorbells have an important problem to solve: while it’s important to look towards the entrance, it’s also important to look down so the doorbell can monitor packages left on the doorstep. Some cameras, like the Nest Doorbell, try to do this with a more vertically oriented camera lens. Eufy’s solution is just to have two separate cams – one to look at the front and one to look at below. The app automatically splits the screen between the two cameras so you can easily watch them both at the same time. You also get notifications when someone approaches a forgotten package, etc.

Adobe Wireless Video Doorbell

The Abode wireless video doorbell can last for months on a single charge.

Adobe is also entering the video doorbell market with its first model. The doorbell itself has a very familiar list of specs, including 2K resolution, night vision, battery power, two-way audio, and more. But the additions around the video doorbell are more interesting. First, there’s a companion device called Chime, which replaces your indoor doorbell chime and lets you customize it however you like. It’s a simple solution to a problem that usually involves annoying rewiring efforts.

Abode is also offering a new smart bulb, an 800 lumen colorful LED bulb that can work with its Cue system to sync with the video doorbell and automatically react to certain events, such as turning on if the motion sensor is triggered.

M-Pwr smart door

A family walks out of a house with the M-Pwr smart door.

Forget about smart locks — M-Pwr’s CES solution is a complete smart door! It is quite an elegant door that offers a variety of window and color options. It is wired into your home as a doorbell and also includes a backup battery. It includes a built-in Yale smart lock, built-in Ring video doorbell, and built-in smart LED lights. There are also unique sensors that can alert you if the door is left ajar. If you’re looking for an all-in-one input solution, this is a worthwhile alternative, although it looks like you’ll have to juggle three different apps to use it all.

Cync outdoor smart camera with solar charging

The Cync outdoor smart camera can be charged by solar power.

GE’s new Cync brand offers its own smart outdoor security camera, but with an interesting twist. There are corded and battery-powered versions: if you choose the battery-powered version for $130, you can also choose to add a solar accessory for $45 which will allow the battery to be recharged using solar energy, you will not don’t have to. move up and down to recharge it as often. Convenient!

Cync announced many other devices at CES, including several smart bulbs and a smart thermostat, all linked to the Cync app for easier control. Cync also supports Matter, one of the newest protocols designed to help smart devices work together regardless of platform, so you may not need to replace old devices.

Bosch Spexor

The Bosch Spexor is a small device designed to be perched on a counter or shelf.

We haven’t seen many single-device home security monitoring systems lately, but Bosch is changing that with the Spexor, a small device designed to be perched on a counter or perhaps a shelf near your home. an entrance. It’s packed with sensors to monitor temperature changes, air quality, break-ins, unexpected movement, and more. If the Spexor is triggered, it can sound alarms, flash lights, or just send an alert to your phone. It’s a great choice for monitoring apartments or lofts, as well as unique spaces like garages.

Annular glass break sensor

The Ring Glass Break sensor listens for the sound of breaking glass in your home.

Ring didn’t have much to add for this CES, but there was an important announcement: the company is adding a glass breakage sensor to its product line. These are popular home security sensors that can tell when glass is breaking (Alexa Guard on Echo can listen for something similar), then send alerts and audible alarms as needed. It will, of course, sync with other Ring products without issue.

Kohler Robern IQ Digital Lock Box

The Kohler Robern IQ digital lock box secures your valuables.

Looking for more security inside your house? This Robern lock box is a smart medicine cabinet that can lock with both app management and a numeric keypad. It’s battery powered, with automatic alerts for battery replacements, and can provide notifications for any usage, as well as usage history. You can even schedule events like reminders to take medicine. If someone tries to tamper with the box, it can also sound an alarm. It’s an ideal solution for those who keep things in their medicine cabinet that need to be kept under tight control. There is even space for small valuables, passports etc.

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