The design of your home could actually have an impact on your health – here’s how



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Since the start of the pandemic, homeowners have grown increasingly interested in the features of a healthy home, including germ-resistant materials, automatic faucets, smart toilets and indoor air quality monitoring. To find out the best and smartest investments for a healthy home, today’s Julie Pennell spoke with Dr. Ginny Boos, director of infection prevention at Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting homes on a regular basis, Dr. Boos recommends the following additions to the home.

1. Use a locker room or area near the door to remove your shoes
“I’ve always been one of those (people who insist) when you walk in the door you take your shoes off,” Boos told TMRW. “The less germs you bring, the better your living environment. “

The concept of the locker room is nothing new, and it was all the rage long before the pandemic even began. But now that there is more focus on sanitizing and preventing germs when you first walk through the door, it becomes even more of a coveted feature to have in a home.

2. Add a place to wash your hands as soon as you step inside.
“The best way to prevent infection is with hand hygiene,” Boos said. “Think about how often you touch your face, hair, and mouth in a day. It is a common method of transmitting viruses.

So if you already have a locker room, consider adding a hand washing station. Or have anyone entering the house immediately go to the nearest sink and wash their hands.

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